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Traditional Family Photo

We wrapped up our Christmas parties yesterday with the extended family Christmas at my parents' house. It is a time to get together, play games, catch up, and have a meal together. Not everyone can make it every year. This year the "direct contacts" included....

Oldest generation 

5 out of 7 of my dad's siblings3 in-laws
Middle generation me plus my 2 siblings3 of my cousins4 in-laws
Youngest generation 5 of my nieces and nephews4 of my cousin's children1 in-law Total Reach - 29 youth and adults
I need to work on my marketing campaign for attracting more of the middle generation. My generation is falling behind on attendance. 
But the good game players were there. I got in a couple of games of Codenames and Catch Phrase and sat in on a portion of American Trivia. I was not sad to miss out on the trivia game. I am really bad at any kind of trivia game.
My niece C was home sick on Christmas day, so we postponed our traditional family photo until yesterday. We have been takin…

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