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The Sunroom is done!

I don't know who wins the "Most Patience" or my dad. Oh wait, that award goes to my mom. 

Do you remember the photos I posted back in June 2017 of the weekend storm? They had about 20 trees, around their house, get knocked down with three of them hitting the house, garage, and shed. They hired a contractor to help with the repairs and rebuilding, but dad and I decided to finish the interior work on the rebuilt sunroom ourself. 

I am happy to say it is "done." As you know, nothing is ever really done. We are still creating a unique window treatment and trying to convince mom to let us put in french doors. But to our guests, the room looks done. :)

For those who have not visited my parent's house, let me see if I can find a photo of the old sunroom.
(2002) Now focus on the room, not the people. You can see the two walls of windows and the glass ceiling. What you can't see are the other two walls. They are "normal" walls that had a wall co…

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