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Fun questions

One of these popped up on Facebook tonight and it reminded me that we did something like this with E.H.B., Captain America, and Princess Ballerina.

(Side note for International sis was talking to me about my last blog post. She noticed Captain America was wearing one of Little J's shirt. But she couldn't come up with his real she is struggling to remember, she says, "you know, Captain America." :)

Anyway...I hope I saved the notes I made with the kids answers. While I look for them, let me do some that were in the Facebook feed tonight...

Favorite Smell- fresh clean air, coming through an open my office - oh wait, that only happens in my dreams.First Job- babysitting, but with an official schedule and paycheck - sewing at the shop in town The Pin CushionCurrent Job - communications coordinatorFavorite foot attire - by Birkenstock boots. Roller Coaster- not anymoreFavorite candy - Happy Pills - York Peppermint PattiesFavorite ice cream - g…

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