Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm alive

You know you have been "off the grid" a little too long when you get a message from E asking "Are you alive?"

I am alive. My free time has been spent helping my dad with his To Do List.....since I wrote his To Do List for him, I though the least I could do was help him with it.

The big item on it was to finish packing my grandparent's house for their estate auction. Thanks to everyone's help we got it packed up on Sunday night. We are ready to move it all and start unpacking it at the auction location this coming weekend.

If you like to treasure hunt, then I would like to personally invite you to come on Sunday, Oct. 30 to Laura, IL. There are so many beautiful and unique items, I guarantee you will find a treasure or two for yourself. It has been a big test of self control for myself. I had to keep telling myself "this will be a blessing for someone else" as I packed items I would have loved to have kept for myself.

Now don't misunderstand me. I was blessed to receive several special family keepsakes, plus a few small items that "I could just not live without." But I promise I left plenty for you to pick from.

I really hope someone I know gets this lamp. I love it, but for the life of me could not come up with a good place for it in my house. My sister and aunt have been admiring it too. 

My CFA and I have started a pool on how many lights and lamps will be on the sale. The pool only includes electrical lights, not kerosene lamps. My guess is 136. I believe hers is 215.

I think the only kind of lamp we do not have on the auction is an owl lamp. From what I hear, those are so rare and special that once you find one, you never let it go.

Here is another of my favorites! We actually have a lot of really nice silver pieces. If only I had more opportunities to host high tea.

This is just one of the large pieces of antique furniture that I keep dreaming about. I am trusting it will go to a good home with new owners who will admire it as much as I.

This one is actually giving me nightmares. It is so heavy, it makes me worry that we won't be able to move it or it will get damaged in the move. The men in my family would just shake their heads if they read that. They will have it all under control.

The antique purses, gloves, hankies, hats, and jewelry are a whole other therapy session. It has been so hard for me to leave these boxed up. There is still a good chance I will buy them during the auction. Someone may have to distract me when they come up for bid. I really don't need more, but they are so pretty. 

If I didn't already have one of these I would have totally brought it home. I bought mine at an auction right after I graduated from college. During the time I was living at home, job hunting, I worked on refinishing it. It has been a favorite piece in each of my homes ever since. Maybe another young adult will buy this one and do the same thing.

If you would like to see a few (lot) more photos check out this online album - http://bit.ly/2enUyCu 

The sale bill is officially online at orwigauctions.com
Here is a flyer I created for our family to share with friends.