Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty pictures

These were both taken in my parent's sun room. Throughout the winter, they keep their bird feeders full. It is so pretty to sit in there and watch the sun come up, the birds flitter about, the snow fall, the sun set and the stars and moon shine. 

The quote on the violet photo is from this blog post...

It is a must read!

Actually all of her posts are a must read. 


My friend E and I went and saw this movie. Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close.

I average about one movie theater visit a year. Our trip to the theater was a last minute chance to hang out. Neither of us had anything in particular in mind that we wanted to go see. While I was out and about that day, I heard a good review on Plugged in Movie Review and so we picked this one. It was a super great movie. Highly recommended. 

It even comes close to me saying that it was worth the outrageous ticket prize at the theater...but not quite.  It is definitely a must rent :).


I've been reading Same Kind of Different as Me.

A few year's ago, I read this book for the first time. In my hunt through my boxes in the garage, this is one of the books I was able to get to. I'm glad I did. It is a great story. Heart wrenching, eye opening, shocking, well told story about friendship, God's call on your life, compassion and true sacrificial love.


In exchange for friend birthday parties, my sister hosts a Valentine's Day party for her two girls and their friends. We've been on the look out for some fun games and crafts. Here are some ideas I've passed on to her...


And a word search.

I also think we should make some type of banner with triangles of paper and ribbon or string. 
And wrap a cute skinny ribbon around a Clementine with a note saying "Orange you a Cutie!?!"
And read the story book The Princess and the Kiss
I am sure she also has ideas percolating in her head. Any ideas you can share with me?

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Special Recipe

Remember the story I told you about my most recent adventure with my nieces and nephew?
Well I forgot a special part of that day.
In the morning, C informed me that she needed help making a special recipe. When asked what she needed she said an orange and strawberry.

I added a pretty antique dish to her "recipe" and she made this pretty snack that she shared with grandpa.

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year's Eve

I know a very special group of people. Well actually I know lots of special groups of people. But today I want to tell you a little bit about the New Year's group of people.

One of my nutrition friends, R, and her husband host a New Year's Eve party every year. They invite a large group of church friends (include R's parents), their neighbors and me. I'm so grateful to be included in the group, because it is a really cool group of people. And it is a really cool party.

Everyone brings food to share and we eat dinner together. Eating together always seems to bring people closer together.

This year, R's husband then shared a devotional about setting goals rather than making resolutions. He may have done it last year, but I was late and would have missed that part of the evening. 

Then two of the guys led us in singing some praise music. 
The Well by Casting Crowns. Click and the picture to listen to the song.

A room full of friends singing praise music with guitars - how much better can New Year's get?

Oh I know, lets add in the Word of God.

Mix a large serving of cool kids.

Plus some beautiful women who are wonderful role models.

Then add in a big topping of games.
Catch Phrase - a tradition

Konexi - you should check out this game. It is a fun and challenging game that all ages can play.

Now that is what I call a great mix for a beautiful New Year's Eve party! 

No matter where God takes us on our journey thru life, this is a group of people I will continue to make a point to stay in touch with!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chandeliers for Sale

I'm selling some of my brother's lights....with his blessing.

Anyone interested?

The one pictured above is gold finish. Currently hanging in the dining room.

This one has a brass finish. The base plate and center support are more ornate. It is currently in the living room.

This one hangs has a brass finish. The glass needs cleaned, but I'll let the buyer take care of that :). It has two lightbulbs - or at least room for two. 

I have at least three more to photograph and sell. If you want any of these, then I'll give you first dibs on the others. Two smaller chandeliers and one wall sconce. 

And just think, if you want them, it will give us an excuse to get together and catch up.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Remember the wedding I photographed this summer?

Well, in December they had a large reception. I went back to photograph that as well. It was a bit more challenging for me. Low lighting, mostly candid photos and using a borrowed flash were my biggest challenges. I still have a lot to learn.

I haven't heard from the bride and groom yet. I really hope they find some they like. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleaning out the photo box

(I just wrote 5 posts and scheduled them to post between now and next Wednesday. Be sure to check back or save them for a long read.)

I forgot that I had taken some pictures that I wanted to share here. Now if I can just remember the stories that went along with them.

Snowmen....If one is cute then 5 must be completely silly.

One of the things I have been doing at my new office is organizing and cleaning out. Mainly I focus on the 4-H stuff, but once in awhile I come across a random box that is just calling my name.

"....find a new home for me."

That's what I hear them saying to me. 

These snowmen were singing the words in four part harmony.

We decided to keep four and take the other four to Goodwill. 

A few other things that have found new homes:

  • A big box of dot matrix printer paper - legal size.
  • A tape recorder
  • Three large calculators with tape
  • A Riso graph copy machine (I actually begged to keep this one, but no one agreed with me.)
  • Lots of random electronic/computer accessories
  • A bag of old plat books from of our county and others (actually they haven't made it to their final home yet. They are still in my car.)
  • Two boxes of old 4-H manuals - headed to the South Side Mission

At my former office you may have heard me complain many times about the 4 office moves that I helped with. I still think it is crazy that we moved 4 times within 10 years. But, now I'm beginning to wish that my new office would be required to move. I can guarantee that there would be a lot more stuff that found new homes.

Very little has ended up in the dumpster. Most is recycled or donated. But I can't guarantee that the recipients don't toss it in the dumpster.


I visited one of my 4-H club meetings and was pleasantly surprised by the church's coffee bar. 

Everyone has their own mug!!!

When their 8th graders go thru confirmation, they receive one with their name on it. 

So fun and resourceful and green!


I took this photo awhile ago. It was the first day I unpacked my Tulip mug and used it at my new office. I was going to write a post about it starting to feel more like "home."

My friend MaryAnn gave me that mug. It's my favorite. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow too. I have plans to write more tonight and schedule them to post in the next couple of days. My meeting got canceled for tonight, so  I decided to use my time wisely and write blog posts. Who needs to put laundry away or wash dishes?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas break adventures

"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things."

Thursday was a lovely day in our neck of the woods. The sunshine was just calling us to come out and play. 

It was the perfect day for an adventure.

Treasure Hunt
Big sisters hid the treasure chest.
Little J and I went on a hunt. 
We shared our treasure with everyone.

Then we went farther out on our adventure. New places to explore. No weeds or poison ivy inhibiting our paths.

At the beginning we followed the paths that the deer make thru the timber. 
We climbed trees and hills.
We moved branches and built bridges.

 We jumped streams.
 We broke the bridge that we built.

 Or should I say, I broke the bridge we built.

 So we changed our bridge design.

 And moved rocks instead.

 Added a huge hand rail.
 And finished our bridge to perfection.

 Then we moved on to expanding our "hideout."
We trimmed some branches to make our paths clear.
And discovered that our "hideout" has a beach and lake.

 So we spent a few minutes relaxing by the lake, sun bathing.

 And what hideout is complete without it's own bathroom.

And thankfully, this bathroom is only for the imagination.

This makes me think back to my grade school days. I remember many times going back to school after a long break and the first thing we had to do was write "What did you do during summer vacation/Christmas break/your weekend/etc.?"

If my nieces and nephew had that same assignment, I wonder what their teacher would think of the stories they would tell about their new Lakeside Hideout, as they decided to call it.

It makes me smile just thinking about it. :)