Monday, July 27, 2015

Beautiful and classy weddings are the best

If I ever became a real photographer, I think I would write into my contract that I will only photograph beautiful, classy, people. They make taking a great photo so easy. 

Just look at these two!

We did a Save the Date photo session on one of the coldest days of the year.

Then we spent a beautiful spring afternoon together for a full engagement session.

Then we spent a lovely, yet hot and humid, day photographing their wedding.

I had a hard time choosing my favorites.
The wedding was Friday night, so consider this a special gift that I am sharing the photos before I have done any editing. It doesn't happen very often.

I arrived at the bride's home before her and the bridesmaids were back from their hair appointments. Her dad and cousin were at the house. Her cousin had just bought himself a new camera that happened to be the same one I just bought for work. He spent a lot of time researching which camera to buy and is studying the manual to learn how to take great photos. I learned quite a bit from him while we waited for the girls to arrive. I invited him to take photos right along with me throughout the wedding. I hope I have the chance to see the images he captured. I am sure he got some great shots.

In addition to the favorites posted above, I captured a few other "great" shots I think you will enjoy.

We had a photo bombing cat...

and a runaway ring bearer.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Donating My Hair

This is EHB, again. 
On Sunday evening, I did something very interesting; I cut my hair to send it to a company, that makes wigs, for people with cancer. 
I was really nervous, but I like it now. 

Here are some pics:

Our good friend LP has cut people's hair three times to be donated, so Mom let her cut mine. She measured my hair:

Then we took a picture with my long hair:

And after I washed and conditioned my hair, she started to cut......

Captain America, Princess Ballerina, and LP's children (AMP, Giggle-box and Mr. Lego) we're watching.

And then LP was finally done with the hard part. {Editor's note: technically cutting off the pony tail was the easy part for LP; emotionally that was the hard part for EHB.}

LP then trimmed and shaped it up.

And here's the finished hairdo.

It is very nice to have short hair, especially on extremely hot, summer days.  We don't have air conditioning on this side of the ocean.

Anybody interested in donating their hair too? Just let me know, and I'll give you all the details.



I am so proud of EHB. 
What a generous and brave gift to give.

I was getting nervous just looking at the photos of LP cutting off her long hair. The new cut looks gorgeous!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer? fun

The calendar says it is summer, but the weather is trying to play tricks on us.

Earlier this month, I had plans with my sister and my friend to take all of the kids to the water park in town. The day surprised us with a forecast of the low 70s. The kids were the only ones who were interested in the water park when it was that cold.

At the last minute we changed to plan B and headed to an indoor waterpark instead. Even in there it was a bit chilly.

The kids had a great time playing together. The two boys are the same age and were thrilled to have a buddy to play with, rather than just sisters.

The girls are on opposite ends of the age spectrums, but the little girls loved the attention from the big girls (and vice versa). By the end of the day, the new friends were sad to go home.

I took along my underwater camera for a little extra fun.

Next summer, we will make it back to the bigger waterpark.
Or better yet, head up to Rockford and add Wisconsin J to the group. Anyone else need a roadtrip for their family calendar?