Friday, May 27, 2016

Public Service Announcement

In light of this busy travel weekend, I decided this was the time to share an important reminder. 

87.3% of vehicles on the road today use gasoline as their power source. Research shows that those vehicles operate at greatly improved efficiency when gasoline is in the tank.

99.9% of vehicles come with a fuel gauge, but only 74% of people know how to properly interrupt the data it provides. 

In today's world, it is heartbreaking that we let 26% of our friends and family go on with their lives without understanding this critical life skill. After deep thought and sincere prayer, I feel it is my responsibility to help educate the world. 

 Before the indicator is on E, it is time to stop at a gas station. 
 Open the door to the gas tank,
 Remove the gas tank cap by turning it counter clock wise.
 Select the type of gasoline you like best for your vehicle.
Then squeeze the handle to start the gasoline flowing into the gas tank.
If you are feeling confident, you can use the handle lock and step back while the tank fills. It is recommended that you let the tank fill completely.
Return the nozzle to the pump and finish the paying process. 
100% of scientists indicate paying at the pump reduces the temptation to purchase junk food inside the gas station. 
If you have followed the steps properly, the fuel gauge will now point towards the F. Research proves this means Full.

Friends, Family.....lean in close.....listen carefully.....friends don't let friends drive on Empty. 

This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by the Society of Walking Is Not So Bad Either. 

No actual research was done in the production of this Public Service Announcement.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Oh, I forgot

I forgot I had a blog. 

But I have a feeling you have been just as busy or distracted as I have, because you haven't mentioned anything about my lack of posts.

I'm going to start off easy tonight. I might hurt my brain if I think too hard about my stories.

I photographed a wedding. 
These two young chicks were both Taz 4-H members. I can't contribute their love story to 4-H. They really met at church. We did their photo shoot the day before their wedding at a beautiful mansion, turned into office, near their home. 

I took my niece skiing.
I am the only one in my family who skis. For many years, I took my 4-H Federation members on an annual ski trip. But it has been several years since I have been on the slopes. 
So I may or may not have planted the idea of a ski trip into my niece's head, as we were working through ideas for her birthday weekend.
I'm thrilled to announce she loved it and was great at it. The only time she fell is when I made her fall on the bunny slope so I could teach her to get up.

I went to Little J's basketball game. 
We celebrated my mom's 70th birthday...but you already knew that. 

H2 turned 1

C earned a spot in the Jr. High talent show. 
She sang a solo (it sounded great) and played the piano for the jazz band. She is quite the musician. She takes after her mother with those skills.

Chicago to Champaign Adventure
I jumped back into my youth development role and chaperoned a group of teens on a 3-day trip to Chicago and Champaign. The focus of the trip was to learn more about the "maker movement." I may feature the rest of that story in another blog post. For now, I'll share with you my first 3D printer project. 

I celebrated my birthday.

and finished my mom's Christmas present. See ALLLL of those photos on the wall and china in the cabinet? Multiply what you see by 10 and that gives you a better idea of the depth of my love for my mom. I (with a little help from my sis) spring cleaned all of it. It took me a really long time. 

Babysat these two cutie patooties.

And hung out with this cool chick for a day of adventures to an FFA interview and back home just in time for prom.

The rest of the adventures will have to wait for another night. My eyes are getting blurry. I'll see what I can do about recalling more stories to go along with the photos. 

Feel free to jump in and remind me what has been happening the last few months.