Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finding treasures

I just unpacked another box and found this treasure. It was in a box of the photos and magnets that had been on my fridge in Henry. Not all of them were rehung, but this one was. It might even get promoted to a frame. 

So excited to get to see this little guy in person in two short months!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Adventure

Last year Santa had a little problem with his Practice Run and we had our first annual Christmas adventure.

This year my little munchkins were on to me. There was no silly stories of Santa involved.But we still had a fun night, running around in the cold.

The zoo near their house has a special lighted Christmas walk. It was cold enough to feel like winter, but not so cold we couldn't have fun running around checking out the decorations and the animals.

On the drive to and from the zoo, J read us a Christmas book. It was just a little added treat for the night.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back tracking a bit

This family is the Julia Child of Marshall County.
With a dash of Martha Stewart and a heap of Barbeque University, Steven Raichlen.
They are known for their cooking skills. They just amaze me.

I called one day over break and the two college age siblings were home making scrimp scampi for themselves. No frozen pizza for them.
 I had the privilege of taking their family photo over Thanksgiving break.
 Mom and kids are U of I students/alumni. Dad was just a good sport and wore what he was told. :-)
The kids gave the photo shoot session to their parents for their anniversary. The "cost" of the session is a favor. I think I'll ask them to help me do some rewiring at my house and host a big house warming party. I wonder how long until I can fit into their schedule?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Blog Review

Happy New Year Blogging Friends. Thanks for listening to all of my stories throughout 2012. My brother would have said "Fast forward to the end" a long time ago. But you have stuck with me thru my drawn out stories and photos. You are the best.

I'm do not have any details to how these numbers are generated, but on my list of posts it shows the number of comments for each post and the number of "hits." The comments numbers are understandable. It's the hits numbers that make me go hmmmmm.

With the most "hits"
Sissy's Vacation received 37. A cat got the most hits. How is that possible?

Trader Joes came in second with 21.

A game of blogging tag and Full Disclosure tied for 3rd.

Half a Birthday Weekend had 19.

In the Comments Category I have a three way tie. Each of these posts received two official blog post comments.
38 Things
Full Disclosure
It's a love hate relationship

I have received several more comments about a variety of posts via email. I didn't keep track of those.

Most posts in a month was May with 16 posts. Wow! What was I doing during that month?
Oh brother! I just want thru my list of "May" posts and the counter combines all years. So let me look in a different location.

OK the actual 2012 Most Posts in a Month winner is April with 8 posts.

Thanks for joining me here! Happy New Year
Love ~ A