Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think I used up all of my words

Sorry I haven't posted much this week. It has been an unusually busy week.
Lots of meetings, a big event with lots of kids and volunteers, teaching a computer class, celebrating a 1st place standing with my team and tomorrow I'm off to celebrate my niece and nephew's birthdays.

I think I will try to come up with a RAK that I can do down in their neck of the woods. Hmmm....I'll have to think on that one.

J's 2nd RAK is super encouraging. 

Mika's is a cute coffee shop in J's hometown. 

Wait, is that right???? Do you consider a person's hometown the place where they live with their husband and children? Or is it the place where they grew up living with their parents and siblings?

Well, Mika's is in the town where she currently lives. Mrs. Ferguson is her son's pre-school teacher.

When she sent me this photo, she mentioned that she had to keep this one a secret from her son, so that it would remain a secret from his teacher. 

J's gift certificate reminds me of a funny story.

Every so often during the summer, my co-workers and I would go on "Economic Development" trips. We would all walk up to the coffee shop for a drink. Along the way, we might wander into one of the businesses to visit or browse. The one that we stop at the most is the local photographer. We love to look at his photos. 

One time we stopped in before we went to the coffee shop. He sarcastically suggested that we bring him back a strawberry banana smoothie.

Well, you know how I deal with sarcasm....I take them at their word. So we brought him a smoothie.

Since then, he keeps telling me that he is going to surprise me and show up at my office with a smoothie. (I ordered a strawberry.)

He mentions it, almost every time I see him.

That was two years ago. Or was it three?

I don't think I will ever see that strawberry smoothie. :)

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cute and delicious

Do you see that "indt" on the far left of the photo. If you look closely you can just make out the fine line of the top loop of the first letter. Lindt chocolate. What a special treat.

It is making me crave a bite of creamy delicious chocolate. Actually, I'm always craving chocolate.

But sadly, these two bags of decadence were not for me. It is another international RAK.

J wrote....
"I took a large bag of Lindt Easter chocolate to a friend with several kids, who can't afford it."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

I love surprises like this

I was going to save this one until closer to the end, but I just can't save it any longer.
It is such a sweet sweet story. I hope it sends out a ray of sunshine during this rainy gray week. 

My little buddy T, is 5 years old. I remember visiting his mom at the hospital the day he was born. I even have a picture of me holding this sweet little boy. He is growing up very fast.

He just started taking piano lessons. I must say I am very impressed with his skills. For his random act of kindness, T wanted to play Happy Birthday to a friend of his. He had his mom call her cell phone to leave a voice mail, and then he started playing.

To make it an official random act, he did not say anything. He didn't want to give it away.

I'm very glad he does not know about caller ID yet.

T, I'm so proud of you and I'm glad that you are my friend!

In other random birthday news, another pair of friends were recently caught on tape sending out special birthday greetings. I just happen to have that recording here. Let's see if I can post it.

Click here and be sure to listen till the end. It's not your typical Happy Birthday :)

Featuring my Mom's RAK

My mom's RAK tripled right in front of her eyes!

Her original plan was to surprise her friend M L, and take her out to lunch. 

When mom showed up at M L's house, she discovered that her and her brother already had plans to meet her niece for lunch.

So mom took all of them out to lunch. As you can see from the picture, she gave M L the Secret Agent K card and asked M L to pass it on with her own random act of kindness. 

I forget if mom and M L have been friends since grade school, high school or college. They have definitely been friends for my entire lifetime. While I've know M L all of my life, I have never (or don't remember) met her extended family. So it makes it even more interesting to know that her niece is dating one of my high school classmates and lives in my hometown. Small world.

Ten random facts about my mom.
1. She has always loved crime related TV shows. Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason, Scarecrow and Mrs. King......NCIS, CSI, Law & Order, Bones.
2. She grew up in a large city and adapted very well when she married a farm boy and they moved to the country.
3. She does not allow anyone to sit on her kitchen counters.
4. Her mom made her take violin lessons and she hated them. 
5. In high school, my siblings and I had a science teacher that required us to do a bug collection. My mom and brother did 99% of my project. They earned me an A :).
6. My mom taught me how to refinish furniture and sew. 
7. She does not like coffee, gum or hot tea.
8. She was over the age of 50 before she flew in an airplane.
9. I'm her favorite.
10. This year on her birthday she got a butterfly tattoo on her

Happy Monday

Saturday, April 23, 2011

RAK #11 out of 37

As I write this, I'm also watching Ask This Old House. They are teaching me how to rewire a doorbell. 

This morning I stopped by the fairgrounds and took some photos of the Livestock Judging contest. The amazing G.G. was completely in charge of the contest this year. God bless that man. He is the right person for that job. He definitely has more passion for Livestock Judging than I do. 

I don't really know anything about Livestock Judging, but I do know a well organized program when I see it. And this morning's contest was very well organized. Hat's off to him and his team of students.

Yesterday, I spent some time working on some photo editing techniques. I added texture to photos and adjusted the color saturation. These techniques make the photos look more artistic. I have a new photo frame that is patiently waiting for a cool photo to find it's way there.

After I'm finished blogging, I'm headed out to mom and dad's house, to work in the basement. Dad and I are either going to work on knocking out the glass blocks that used to be their windows or sanding the walls. After my RAK series, I think I'll post more about the basement re-do. I better get some photos.

So which of these things do you think is my favorite way to spend my time on a rare free Saturday?

Today's featured RAK is a cross continental kindness. My friend J sent it to me from Wisconsin. However, it is a kindness that she shared while on a trip with her husband S and daughter K to the east coast.

J left these cool Trader Joe tins of chocolate for the hotel cleaning staff. Hopefully the receiver felt encouraged and was also encouraged to pass on their own random act of kindness.

I have never had either of these types of chocolates from TJs. I'll have to add them to the list for my next TJ shopping spree.

Happy Saturday
Happy Sunshiny Weekend
Happy Easter

Friday, April 22, 2011

I still need to learn more about my cell phone

The Many Macgees is the name of my vball team. Four of my team mates have the last name McGee/Magee. I'm thankful that they allow a non Macgee to be on the team.

Today's featured RAK is brought to you by Captain R. 

Captain R is a quiet man. He would never criticize my RAK idea out loud, but I have a feeling he was thinking I'm a bit on the crazy side. 

Thankfully, he's used to my weirdness. Or sometimes referred to as high maintenance.

Despite my crazy idea, Captain R still came through. He sent me a text and photo to my cell phone. But sadly, I was not able to transfer the original photo to my computer. I found one that looks pretty similar. 

While Captain R was out for a walk, he noticed a flag had fallen out of the holder. So he replaced it to it's rightful location. 

I'm not sure which is a nicer RAK, that he returned the flag or that he walked home and walked back just to get a picture for my RAK goal.

Go Team Macgee!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super sweet nieces

Tonight's post is a special feature of my nieces and their random acts of kindness. Just like their brother, their's also involved food and school.

First born J's class was testing that week. I would assume it was something like ISATs. That is what I took in grade school. I would guess that the name has changed in the past 30 years. 

J was looking out for her whole class and decided to take her classmates a snack for their testing day.
J looks like she is excited for her day at school. I don't think she is always so smiley before school. Thanks J for helping with my RAK goal!

I know C is definitely not all smiles before school. She is like me and not always her best in the AM. It must be a 2nd born thing :).

C took some special homemade treats to her teacher. A cupcake, card and flowers.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to spend a day with the kids during their spring break. One of the activities we did was make some paper daffodils...
Notice the arrangement in the middle of the table. They were still looking fresh, a couple of weeks later for my bday dinner.
Here is the blog where I found the How To

So C decided to use her own creativity and "know how" to make her own type of flower. It looks like from her RAK photo, that is what she made for her teacher. If I had to give them a name, I would say they are a special lily.

Here's a couple more photos to show you another activity we did during our day together.

On a different note, tonight was volleyball night. We are currently in first place. If we can stay there for two more weeks we win the BIG prize....a t-shirt. 

Next time, I'll share some RAKs from my vball teammates.

Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This was a Win-Win

On the day of my RAK adventure I discovered one of my neighbors doing their own random act of kindness. They were giving away Oak tree seedlings.
So I walked over with my own little RAK and made a trade.

My parents were the recipients of the oak trees. But I can't really count that as another random act of kindness, because my dad had to plant them himself. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Clean Clothes

I think this one is self explanatory.

It was one of mine. I left it at the local laundromat.

I wonder who found it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Across the Ocean

Another dear friend, with a first name starting with J, sent me several RAK photos. In her email she wrote what many of us think about when we imagine adding random acts of kindness to our busy days....
"When I first received your email, I thought, oh no, with all of our visitors I'll never get anything done.  But, I had lots of opportunities.  I am only sending you a few....."

J found lots of opportunities to pass on kindness to others, within her typical routine. 

"Auto Ferry Ticket - Coming home from the kids' dentist appointments, a lady came up to my car while I was waiting for the auto ferry and asked if I could take her to the next bus stop across the river.  Otherwise, she would miss her bus and the train she needed to catch.  So, I took her not only to the next bus stop, but instead directly to the train station."

Here's another one of J's RAKs. This one was also shared within her typical day, so there wasn't an opportunity to take a picture.

"We were running late for church today, when we noticed a somewhat troubled man that attends our church walking down the road.  We stopped and asked him if he wanted a ride.  So, we met Herman and took him to church with us."

Thats 5 and 6 out of 37.

Happy Friday

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Encouraging feedback

Today's featured RAK comes with some very encouraging feedback.

I recruited one of my 4-H Federation members to help me complete this mission. And guess what! She is another J name. Can you believe it? So far every RAK featured has a J name in the story.

On a side note, I have so many J names in my cell phone list, that I started adding unused letters at the beginning of their name so that I could get to their name quicker.

So back to the point.

I met J at her place of work to hand off these babies to her.
 Three re-usable grocery sacks.

Super cute ones too!

J is a cashier at one of the local grocery stores. She agreed to randomly use these throughout her shift on Saturday.

This afternoon, I got a text from J.
"...the Random Act of Kindness went over well. People were really surprised - like one lady was so happy she gave me and P hugs."

I don't know P, but I'm glad she got pulled into the RAK fun too. :)

Thanks J for helping me reach my RAK goal!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tag Team RAK

I am one of those strange people who love Monday mornings. Because we have the best staff meetings every Monday. They are suppose to start at 9 a.m., but I'm usually late. 

But no matter when the meeting starts, we begin with weekend recaps. This week's staff meeting featured the great story of J's random act of kindness. 

J and her husband, B, stopped by the grocery store after church. B watched to make sure the coast was clear, while J taped this envelope, with $5 inside, to the back of a box of her favorite kind of cereal.

Taping the envelope was probably the easy part. Taking the picture might have appeared to be the part that J was trying to avoid getting caught doing. 

I wonder if she was caught on the security cameras?

Super job J & B. You make a great team!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Teaching Compassion

Random Act of Kindness 2/37

My sis had a little bit of an extra challenge since I asked her to have each of her kids do an RAK in addition to her and her hubby. But they all came through. 

Her youngest helped make cupcakes for his Pre School teachers.
He decorated them himself.

I'm sure that his teachers loved them.

I haven't heard the part of the story that explains who came up with the idea and how my sis explained the "project" to her kids. Maybe she'll read my blog and add a comment to explain how she used this RAK to teach her kids about compassion. 

I had dinner with my family last night. This little guy sat next to me and he behaved like a wonderful gentlemen. He could teach many grown men a thing or two.

My bro is one of them :)

Happy Monday

Sunday, April 10, 2011

37 Random Acts of Kindness

Last week I send out a challenge...or is it more like a request? And for some it has been a help me collect 37 random acts of kindness.
And the photos and stories have been rolling in! They have brought me many smiles and tears of joy. I hope they will do the same for you. 

Over the next few days and weeks, I'll be sharing the photos and stories here. This "secret" blog that I have not been using. What a great excuse to start blogging more!

My dear friend J was the one who helped me brainstorm this Random Act of Kindness idea. We were on  a roadtrip to visit another J friend and I'm so thankful that they both shared in my excitement.

J and her kids T and J were the first to send me their photos. 

On garbage day they all took a walk up and down both sides of their block. Since the garbage truck had already been by, they decided to do a RAK for all of their neighbors. They pulled the empty garbage cans up from the curb to leave them next to the house or garage door. 

I bet their neighbors enjoyed the surprise when they read the attached note!!!

Currently I'm up to 19 RAKs with photos, plus 2 more that are on my phone (I just need to figure out how to get them to my computer :) plus 1 from my mom who needs to learn how to email photos, plus many stories. I'm excited to share them with you.

See you back here tomorrow!
Happy Sunday