An act of true love

My international J friend included this random act of kindness in her "package" of RAKs. I think it really falls in to the category of Act of True Love.
"9:02 - Although our kids were up at 6:30am, I let my husband sleep in until 9:02am, without complaining about it or giving him a bad conscience."

Today's post comes to you from the Peoria International Airport. 
...I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again....

I sing that line quite often when I'm getting ready to travel. I just now looked up the rest of the lyrics. Oh my...I had not idea that the rest of the song is about cheating on your lover. Hmmm... maybe I better quit using that line. What was John Denver thinking???

Anyway, I debated about whether or not to bring my laptop along and I'm so glad I did. The flight has been delayed for two hours. And since I've been super busy trying to get my work caught up before I left, I haven't had time to blog or read all of my blogs or watch all of my online TV shows. You know, the important stuff in life :). So I get to do all of those things now.

It's a great distraction to the people watching.

In other news, the Many MacGee's played our last indoor game for this session. We won first place for the session and won the position night game. Last night we played the second place team. We were very evenly matched and it made for some really long volleys and a super fun game. 

My teammates continue to amaze me with their agility and smart plays and endurance. It was great to have T back in the game after a few weeks out with a pinched nerve. We missed B. She's leaving on a jet plane today too.

I'm missing my niece's first communion this weekend. :( I'm thankful that she forgives me for missing important days in her life. We make up for it with special weekends together. I'm looking forward to one of those weekends coming up in June.

I ordered a really cool gift for her from etsy. I took pictures of it. I will try to post it later. I haven't loaded them onto my computer yet. Sorry for leaving you hanging.

Speaking of leaving us hanging. The NCIS cliff hanger that aired Tuesday night. Did you see it? I watched it online after the fact. Oh my. It was not one of my most favorite episodes, but I must say it was very interesting. It was a totally different style of writing and shooting. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. I might have to watch it again. I'm sure I didn't catch it all.

It's time to sign off.
Happy Thursday


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