Are you gonna shoot?

For the past year, I have been working with a group of volunteers to begin a new special interest club for Shooting Sports. We have three separate groups for Archery, Air Rifle and Shotgun.

This week I attended two of the shoots so that I could get pictures. On Tuesday, I arrived at the Shotgun shoot right between the two separate sessions. I was hoping to get pictures of both groups. As soon as I got out of my car, one of my 4-Hers asked "Are you gonna shoot?"

I just laughed. And before I could respond, one of the dads came out and asked me "Are you gonna shoot?"

So I laughed again and gave them grief for not even saying hello first. Several other 4-Hers and dads asked me the same question. So after the end of the shoot I asked the instructor if I could have a try.

My Federation member W (who happens to be a great shot) immediately took my camera from me so he could document my attempt/humiliation.

My one stipulation was that the instructor could not teach me. He had to pick one of the 4-Hers to teach me how to shoot. So my 4-Her and friend D was chosen.

Thankfully, one of the assistant instructors joined me on the line. We are both beginner shooters.

D had to start at the very beginning with me. 
  • how to pass the gun from the instructor to student
  • where to hold the gun
  • where to put the butt of the gun

Me - "I'm left eye dominant."
D - "Then you put the gun right here."

Me - "What do I do next?"
D - "The safety is here. Put the shell here, slide the thing forward to close the chamber, then shoot."
I forget what D called it.

Me- "But how do I do that."
D - "The target will fly out, follow it and gently pull the trigger."

D - "Say PULL when you are ready."
Me - "Oh I have to say it."
D - "Yep, whenever you are ready."
Me - "My arm is getting tired from holding this gun."
D - "It helps if you say PULL and actually pull the trigger."

Me - "T, maybe you better go first."
T - "No, you go ahead."
Me - "PULL"
Me - "D, I missed. What did I do wrong."
D - "Just try again."

Following the target the target the target. Following the target wherever it may go.
It makes me want to fly to Neverland.

Me - "Oh, that hurt my teeth. They hit each other when I shot."
W - "Don't smile when you shot. Keep your mouth closed."
Me - "But you're taking my picture. I need to smile."
W - "Just keep your teeth down tight."

 Me - "I missed again. What now?"
D - "You gotta aim just a bit in front of the target."
Me - "Maybe you should have mentioned that at the beginning."

T - "I got it all under control over here A. You better get it pulled together or you're going to get laughed at."

Me - "Alright. I can do this. PULL!"

Did you see that? I hit the target. W said he got a picture of it. 
If you don't see it, don't worry. I don't see it either. Nor did I see it hit that night. I just guessed by the cheers and applause that I really did hit it.

Thursday night rolls around and the Air Rifle group wanted the same thing. The chance to laugh at my poor shooting skills.

This time C took the role of photographer and M was the teacher.

The Air Rifles were a little bit more my speed.

But I really think I'm going to stick with shooting my camera. I'm much better at that.


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