I love taking pictures

Sorry it's been a few days since I've posted. This weekend I was enjoying time with my nieces and nephew. We have a tradition of having "Birthday Weekends" and this weekend was little J and C (middle child) special weekend. All three of them actually come. I just try to plan things that are just for the birthday child(ren).

I don't have my photos uploaded yet, so I'll save the fun stories until then.

For now, I'll tell you about some recent photo shoots that I've been on.

I'm shooting my first wedding this summer! I'm very excited. I'm working with a wonderful bride and groom. I know the bride's family through 4-H and all of them are completely lovely people. 

I just met the groom last weekend when we met to take engagement pictures. My first impression is that he is just as lovely :). He was an awesome trooper in sticking with us through our many locations.

I didn't get to finish editing all of the photos yet, but here are a few that I sent to them for a sneak peek.

I am also working on a totally different kind of photo opportunity. I'm helping Farm Bureau get ready for their county fair display. They are going to have each of their board members photos on display along with a quote about why they are members of Farm Bureau. For these photos the Farm Bureau manager would like the photos taken out in their environment. 

I am so thankful that the FB manager is taking me to all of these locations. A. She knows where she's going. I would have gotten so lost out on these country roads. And B. She does a wonderful job chatting away with the guys and they are much more relaxed. 

Together we have been able to capture their personalities. So far, we've only made it to a handful of locations. Here are a few...

I really needed someone else to take a picture of me taking this picture. I was standing on a step stool in the middle of a feed lot, while another steer was romping around. Literally, romping. It would jump and kick and run and play. It also kept trying to sniff me. I was so scared I was going to end up on the ground in a pile of poo. Thankfully, I only ended up with poo on my shoe.
The steer that was romping around is a 4-H steer, so I guess I have to be understanding. 4-Her J has one month to get his steer a lot more calm.
For those of you keeping track of the European Doorways Cast of Characters. This is Insurance Boy (IB). He also happens to be a Farm Bureau Board member. We met up with him while he was out working in the field. (He might be upset that I edited his nice logo off the side of his truck, but it had his name and city. The real photo looks nice with it on there.)
We had just come from a lovely photo shoot with another board member who had iced tea waiting for us on the deck. An hour later, a corn field is not the place that I needed to be. 
IB kindly offered lovely facilities out behind a grain bin. Uhhh, no thanks. 
Needless to say, we didn't spend a lot of time at this location. The FB manager is not content with this one. I wonder what IB will say when he finds out she wants to do another set of photos?

Happy Monday!


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