Happy Birthday Mazy!

It's been awhile since I've written. It has been a challenge to get a good internet connection. I'm down at my sister's house this weekend. It's my annual trek to the State Fair. I'm learning lots as I assist the photography judges.

And I'm enjoying the chance to use her internet connection.


Beginning this fall, I'll be a lot closer to my siblings. I'm moving to a new 4-H job. The county is a lot closer to the two cities where my brother and sister live. It is also a lot closer to my church and where I play volleyball.

I announced my transfer a little over a week ago. While I am excited for new opportunities and challenges, I am so sad to say goodbye to the wonderful 4-H families that I have worked with for the past 12+ years. It's been emotionally exhausting going through the farewell process and I still have three weeks to go.


I have a super story about one of my 4-Hers. Miss H lives a few blocks from me. Both of her parents are some of my volunteers and her three older siblings are all active 4-H members. We've had lots of opportunities to hang out and become friends.

Miss H is an avid animal lover. Even though they live in town, Miss H.'s family has many pets including rabbits, ducks and chickens. One of Miss H's chickens is named Mazy.

Mazy is a very special chicken.

During the 4-H Show, she was the only chicken who got to go on walks.

She is also the only chicken I know that got to have a birthday party.

All summer, Miss H has been planning Mazy's birthday party. She wrote out invitations and planned the party events. She even made thoughtful suggestions for birthday presents (most of us don't know appropriate gifts for a chicken.)
She made sure Mazy had her manicure for the party.

During the party, one of the highlights was a "swim" in the pool.

Miss H was kind enough to help Mazy open her gifts. She read her all of the cards and told her who gave her the gift. She even relaid Mazy's thanks to the giver.

This was my gift. I made Mazy a poncho and a matching headband for Miss H.

Miss H also made and decorated Mazy a birthday cake. 

I love Miss H's compassion for her animals and her creativity. I also was impressed with the other party attenders. Everyone was very thoughtful and excited for Mazy. It was a super fun afternoon. I'm already looking forward to Mazy's 3rd birthday.


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