Cleaning out the photo box

(I just wrote 5 posts and scheduled them to post between now and next Wednesday. Be sure to check back or save them for a long read.)

I forgot that I had taken some pictures that I wanted to share here. Now if I can just remember the stories that went along with them.

Snowmen....If one is cute then 5 must be completely silly.

One of the things I have been doing at my new office is organizing and cleaning out. Mainly I focus on the 4-H stuff, but once in awhile I come across a random box that is just calling my name.

"....find a new home for me."

That's what I hear them saying to me. 

These snowmen were singing the words in four part harmony.

We decided to keep four and take the other four to Goodwill. 

A few other things that have found new homes:

  • A big box of dot matrix printer paper - legal size.
  • A tape recorder
  • Three large calculators with tape
  • A Riso graph copy machine (I actually begged to keep this one, but no one agreed with me.)
  • Lots of random electronic/computer accessories
  • A bag of old plat books from of our county and others (actually they haven't made it to their final home yet. They are still in my car.)
  • Two boxes of old 4-H manuals - headed to the South Side Mission

At my former office you may have heard me complain many times about the 4 office moves that I helped with. I still think it is crazy that we moved 4 times within 10 years. But, now I'm beginning to wish that my new office would be required to move. I can guarantee that there would be a lot more stuff that found new homes.

Very little has ended up in the dumpster. Most is recycled or donated. But I can't guarantee that the recipients don't toss it in the dumpster.


I visited one of my 4-H club meetings and was pleasantly surprised by the church's coffee bar. 

Everyone has their own mug!!!

When their 8th graders go thru confirmation, they receive one with their name on it. 

So fun and resourceful and green!


I took this photo awhile ago. It was the first day I unpacked my Tulip mug and used it at my new office. I was going to write a post about it starting to feel more like "home."

My friend MaryAnn gave me that mug. It's my favorite. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow too. I have plans to write more tonight and schedule them to post in the next couple of days. My meeting got canceled for tonight, so  I decided to use my time wisely and write blog posts. Who needs to put laundry away or wash dishes?


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