Dug down deep for some Martha Steward skills

We had a Farewell Open House today for our Unit Leader. All of us in the office put our heads together to plan the menu, gift, and table decorations. 

On Sunday afternoon I started out with these.....

 and a waste can full of flowers from Sam's and Kroger.
 And stretched them out to create

 There were 8 total arrangements and one guest of honor.
I hate to see him go, but am excited for his new adventures. 

Here are a few more of my attempts at creativity. 

 (A note to my CFA - I needed to make a gift tag. I tried to channel your scrapbooking/cardmaking skills, but had to fall back on google and InDesign.)
We had a multi-day brainstorming session trying to come up with a gift. We ordered a leather carrying case and then had to return it when we discovered he recently purchased one very similar. Our brainstorming sessions went all over the place. When someone suggested a photo and the next person thought that sounded great and then the third person said "I have the perfect photo" we knew we finally had a winner. Several weeks ago, we did a special project for our "new" break room. Everyone send in a photo from a trip or favorite scene. EA sent several from a recent trip to Australia! Bingo. We picked our favorite. Enlarged it to 16x20. Had it framed and matted and now he has a gift that will remind him of both his favorite group of staff members :) and his trip. His wife came to the open house and she really really likes "his" gift. I'm thrilled that they will both enjoy it.


On a side note, one of my co-workers recently gave me a pair of 14K birth stone earrings. I can't remember the last time I wore earrings. It might have been my sister's wedding, 12 years ago.

Guess what!?! They went right in. And since they don't jingle or make any noise, I wore them to work today. 

 I know, I know....I'm wild and crazy like that. :)

One more side note. I had NCIS playing in the background while I worked on this post. 
It was the episode "Shiva" that aired on January 15th. It has now moved to the top of the favorites list. I'm still debating if it bumps Truth and Consequences down to #2 or not. 
For all of you NCIS fans (CFA and mom) thoughts on that decision? 



  1. Love the flowers, and how clovers made their way into the decorations :).
    Love the gift tag, but I love the "guest book" sign more! Go InDesign!...how I (sometimes) miss you.
    And while Shiva is pretty darn good, I don't know if I would knock Truth or Consequences off of its pedestal quite yet.


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