Trampoline time

Guest Post by E.H.B.

Hey, it's me again!
We (I,Ph & N) LLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE to jump on the trampoline!
Miss A tried to teach us a trick.
But we are to dumb to do it!:-(
It is like.........buttboom, up, half turn in mid air, buttboom.
When you go up, you have to put your hands in the air!
But me and Ph. did not want to do it,see:
Here me and Miss A posted a buttboom that I am doing (on the picture) :
Here is another buttboom from N. Isn't she cute?
N was the only one of us who did the hands up! But even she did not do it always:-)
Ph. and me just like to jump. Sometimes, we play that we are in a hole and have to jump out, because there are ants or spiders. Then, we do a buttboom, and play we are falling down.
That was it till now with jumping on the trampoline. Miss A, do you want to add anything?

Miss A: Should we tell them about the add a trick game we played?

E.H.B: Yes, you tell them.

Miss A: When all 4 of us played on the trampoline together, it was hard to take turns and it made me too nervous to have all of us jumping at the same time. So instead, we played a game. The first person did a trick. Then the second person did the first person's trick and added their own trick. And everyone kept adding more and more tricks. If you really want to make it hard, you can add the rule that you can stop or mess up between tricks, or you are out/get a point/lose a turn, etc. We only tried to use that rule one time when it was just E.H.B and I playing.

Another thing that the kids loved to do was "Jump As High as You Can." This entailed me holding their hands and the two of us jumping as high as I could. They got to go a little higher than normal this way. 

When I was younger, I took gymnastics lessons (best thing ever, thanks mom and dad!). When I got into high school, I also got to add trampoline lessons. The lessons were on a special trampoline that had a lot of extra bounce. We used safety belts to learn some of the tricks. I always dreamed of having a trampoline of my own, but I never got my wish. So I especially love to get to play on someone else's


P.S.  We miss you, Miss A!!!!!!!!!!!! 
P.S.S. I miss all of you too!!!

E.H.B. is at her home overseas and I am back home in the states. We did a little tag team blog post and I think it went very well. I posted the photos and saved it as a draft. E.H.B. opened it up and added the comentary and saved it again.

Now I get to do the final proof, add my 2 cents and hit "publish." 

It is not as fun to write blog posts "together" when we are not sitting at the same table. But I'm glad it works this way too!




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