Scavenger hunt by **EHB**

On Monday, my parents drove to an other city, to have some free time from us children..... it was an anniversary trip, too. A watched us. Wile they were gone, we did a really fun scavenger hunt! And this was our list:

-pinecone (very hard to find)
-buckeye (Everyone found one. A still has one in her coat pocket.)

-something blue (except Captain America's jacket)
-something red
-a smooth stone
-a rough stone
-a piece of paper

-something that shows the time
-a banana sticker
-a dandelion
-a piece of trash

-something that starts with the letter.....
Auto (car)
Easter-belle (daffodil)

Pilz (mushroom)

a N on the car

jacket (Jacke)

Kaninchen (rabbit)

-tree blossom

-Y shaped twig

It was really fun! Hope you had as much fun as us in the last few days.


We have been having some fun with the Chiquita stickers. There has been an ongoing hide and seek game with them. Some apple stickers and kiwi stickers have gotten involved in the fun as well.

The game started in 1994 when International J and I were college roommates. We enjoyed the challenge of finding a good hiding place that would surprise the other person when they discovered it.

My best one was on J's driver's license. She found it when she pulled it out to show the cashier at the store.

I will have to ask her if she remembers her best hiding spot.

Currently, we have found the stickers in our shoe, on the bottom of our glass, on our pillow, on our lego, on the CD player, on our reading lamp, on our shirt, and Princess Ballerina found a bandaid on the soap dispenser.

There are a few more stickers hidden and I bet they will keep getting re-hid.


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