I almost hate to give it away

For the past ten years I have shared a favorite ice breaker with my Federation groups. And every year, it becomes a favorite.

One of the interesting things about this game is that we kinda like to keep it to ourselves. We don't play it at the regular 4-H club meetings or with our church youth groups or school clubs. We like to save it for Federation.

I think it brings us together as a group.

We played it last night at our Federation meeting and once again it amazed me how much fun we have with it.  It never gets old.

Bash a Friend

Items needed:
Chairs for everyone
An empty two-liter bottle

Everyone sits in the chairs in a circle. If there are a lot of people the chairs need to be a close as possible.

If everyone does not know everyone else, you should go around the circle and say your first name.

There is one person who is IT. They do not have a chair. They stand in the middle of the circle with the empty bottle.

The group leader starts the game by calling someone’s name. That person must call another person’s name before IT hits them with the bottle (on the legs). The game continues with people sitting in the circle calling other people’s names.

IT is trying to hit the person whose name was just called before they can call another name.

When IT does tag someone, then they are in the middle. The old IT must say a name before he/she sits down. As soon as they sit down the new IT can hit them – unless they call a name.

A special rule is that you can NOT call the person’s name who just called you. If you do then you are automatically in the middle.

You are can not call the person's name who is currently IT. If you do then you are automatically in the middle. 

In Marshall-Putnam, we love this game so much that we created a special bat. It is made out of pipe insulation foam and duck tape to make a handle. You can swing as hard as you want and the bat does not hurt. It makes a loud sound, but no pain.

Enjoy it in good health!


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