Across the Ocean

Another dear friend, with a first name starting with J, sent me several RAK photos. In her email she wrote what many of us think about when we imagine adding random acts of kindness to our busy days....
"When I first received your email, I thought, oh no, with all of our visitors I'll never get anything done.  But, I had lots of opportunities.  I am only sending you a few....."

J found lots of opportunities to pass on kindness to others, within her typical routine. 

"Auto Ferry Ticket - Coming home from the kids' dentist appointments, a lady came up to my car while I was waiting for the auto ferry and asked if I could take her to the next bus stop across the river.  Otherwise, she would miss her bus and the train she needed to catch.  So, I took her not only to the next bus stop, but instead directly to the train station."

Here's another one of J's RAKs. This one was also shared within her typical day, so there wasn't an opportunity to take a picture.

"We were running late for church today, when we noticed a somewhat troubled man that attends our church walking down the road.  We stopped and asked him if he wanted a ride.  So, we met Herman and took him to church with us."

Thats 5 and 6 out of 37.

Happy Friday


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