Cleaning house

It's time to move.
Since I don't know where or when I'll be moving, I decided to start packing the least important stuff. Stuff that may end up in storage for an unknown amount of time.

So I pulled the boxes out from under the beds. And then I thought, why am I moving these again?

Four totes of clothes whose only purpose is memories.

Clothes from grade school.

And from High School.
This was from my last year in 4-H. I never even wore this shirt. But I've stored it for almost 20 years.
This is the only one from college. Oh wait, I remember one from Black Hawk. I didn't take a picture of that one. It wasn't even worth that. I have no idea why it even made it into storage.
This one was designed by one of my college friends Sean Moore. He had great fashion design skills. I wonder where he's at now?

Then we jump to life after college. Good times! Awesome memories!

And then there are these special items from my time in M-P. This last one was a special shirt presented to me on stage at the 4-H Show. Back when my CFA was a 4-Her, she made this with some other 4-Hers after hearing me complain about the huge number of questions that people were asking me. And even after surviving 12 4-H shows, this shirt still rings true.

And what you see here is exactly what is left of these shirts. Photos! I took photos of them and then gave away the actual clothes. 

Four empty totes!!! The two totes on the left are all of my 4-H sewing projects and a few of the designs I created during college. I am pretty sure that no one would ever want to wear any of those. So for now they will continue to get packed and moved.


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