RAK #11 out of 37

As I write this, I'm also watching Ask This Old House. They are teaching me how to rewire a doorbell. 

This morning I stopped by the fairgrounds and took some photos of the Livestock Judging contest. The amazing G.G. was completely in charge of the contest this year. God bless that man. He is the right person for that job. He definitely has more passion for Livestock Judging than I do. 

I don't really know anything about Livestock Judging, but I do know a well organized program when I see it. And this morning's contest was very well organized. Hat's off to him and his team of students.

Yesterday, I spent some time working on some photo editing techniques. I added texture to photos and adjusted the color saturation. These techniques make the photos look more artistic. I have a new photo frame that is patiently waiting for a cool photo to find it's way there.

After I'm finished blogging, I'm headed out to mom and dad's house, to work in the basement. Dad and I are either going to work on knocking out the glass blocks that used to be their windows or sanding the walls. After my RAK series, I think I'll post more about the basement re-do. I better get some photos.

So which of these things do you think is my favorite way to spend my time on a rare free Saturday?

Today's featured RAK is a cross continental kindness. My friend J sent it to me from Wisconsin. However, it is a kindness that she shared while on a trip with her husband S and daughter K to the east coast.

J left these cool Trader Joe tins of chocolate for the hotel cleaning staff. Hopefully the receiver felt encouraged and was also encouraged to pass on their own random act of kindness.

I have never had either of these types of chocolates from TJs. I'll have to add them to the list for my next TJ shopping spree.

Happy Saturday
Happy Sunshiny Weekend
Happy Easter


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