Super sweet nieces

Tonight's post is a special feature of my nieces and their random acts of kindness. Just like their brother, their's also involved food and school.

First born J's class was testing that week. I would assume it was something like ISATs. That is what I took in grade school. I would guess that the name has changed in the past 30 years. 

J was looking out for her whole class and decided to take her classmates a snack for their testing day.
J looks like she is excited for her day at school. I don't think she is always so smiley before school. Thanks J for helping with my RAK goal!

I know C is definitely not all smiles before school. She is like me and not always her best in the AM. It must be a 2nd born thing :).

C took some special homemade treats to her teacher. A cupcake, card and flowers.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to spend a day with the kids during their spring break. One of the activities we did was make some paper daffodils...
Notice the arrangement in the middle of the table. They were still looking fresh, a couple of weeks later for my bday dinner.
Here is the blog where I found the How To

So C decided to use her own creativity and "know how" to make her own type of flower. It looks like from her RAK photo, that is what she made for her teacher. If I had to give them a name, I would say they are a special lily.

Here's a couple more photos to show you another activity we did during our day together.

On a different note, tonight was volleyball night. We are currently in first place. If we can stay there for two more weeks we win the BIG prize....a t-shirt. 

Next time, I'll share some RAKs from my vball teammates.

Happy Wednesday


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