At the movies

My friend/cousin KT came over tonight to watch NCIS. It is kinda hard to watch TV together, because we really need to catch up instead. But we put on our serious NCIS face and save our chatter for the commercials.

For all of those NCIS fans out there, we learned two more rules tonight!

Rule #5 is a great one...You don't waste good, you're good.

If I were a deep thinker, I could really expand on that thought and tie it in nicely with our random acts of kindness. But instead I'm going to jump right into the stories and photos.

Can you tell that these were taken inside a movie theater? This is a kids book that was left with a post it note that says "This is for YOU! Yep YOU!"
It was left on the seat about an hour before a kids movie was to start. The two "kindness givers" were working out in the lobby when the crowd started to come in. Even with the notes, people still brought them out trying to turn them in to "lost and found." We had to point out the notes and encourage them to keep them.

This is a fancy pad of paper. This was in a different theater. The movie was for adults, not kids. 

Is it hard for you to accept random acts of kindness? What about gifts or services from your friends and family? Are you able to receive a blessing from someone else? Do you feel like you have to repay the kindness? Or is thank you enough?

Those are my "deep thoughts" for tonight. 

I am thankful that another RAK rolled in today. I may reach my goal....I just need a few more.


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