The Trip Was Too Short

I've been home almost a week. And like most people, I jumped back into normal life right away. But I am happy to think back a week ago and remember the fun we had.

One day we took a roadtrip to Denver for the morning and then leisurely made our way back home. Our day included a spectacular lunch at a farm to table pizza place, Sazza. I had the BBQ chicken pizza with pineapple, red onion, and cilantro with a Caesar salad with fresh parmesan cheese. Em loved her basic pepperoni pizza.

We need one of these closer to home. It is right up my alley. Here is a blurb from their website

Everywhere you look at SAZZA
There's Earth-Friendly thinking:
 We source from sustainable and local growers and suppliers   Our ingredients are certified organic, and when they can't be they are pure and natural  Our Togo containers, utensils, cups, lids, and straws are compostable and made from renewable resources    We recycle the glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper we use to minimize our landfill contribution   In former lives, our patio furniture was soda bottles, and our dining room tables were manufacturing remnants   The glasses you sip from are recycled wine bottles   Our mismatched silverware? It's donated from our customer's kitchen drawers   Our mismatched employee shirts? Also donated for reuse by our customers   We continually strive to do more   We'll keep you posted...

We did some shopping at Focus on the Family and walked through their visitor's center. I added a new radio drama to my collection and since I am huge Boundless fan, I had to buy Lisa Anderson's new book, just because I was there. But I was too chicken to do what some Boundless fans do and ask to meet some of the Boundless staff. 

 We made a quick stop at the roadside overlook near the Air Force Academy. 
 We saw a few planes take off and land from the academy's air port.

Then we enjoyed some time pretending to be rich and famous while we walked around The Broadmoor

Oh my, it was luxurious. Our time was running short so we saved some of the "treasure hunting" for my next trip. There is so much more to see there.

Our last big adventure was an afternoon at Garden of the Gods. 

In between all of our amazing adventures, we also spent plenty of time here....

I was working hard to refresh my memory on Season 12 NCIS. I wanted to be prepared for the premiere this coming Tuesday. I didn't get through all of the episodes, but I think I will be OK. 


  1. Yay!! I love everything and want to go back to last week. Your pictures turned out awesome, especially at Garden of the Gods. :)


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