Happy Birthday little J

Today is my nephew's birthday! He turns 5.
What a great time of the year to celebrate a birthday.
Baseball is starting. His team just started practicing.
It is the perfect weather to ride bikes. He just started riding without training wheels.
The weeds and brush have not gotten too big, so it is great to go on adventures in the timber.
The mud puddles keep refilling.
What more could you ask for?

His mom sent me this RAK. She babysat for her neighbor, so she could go do some work at church.

Now that I am thinking about it, I'm not sure if this is her neighbor or another friend of theirs. Since I didn't have permission from them to post their daughter's photos, I blurred her face. 

Since Jared has two older sisters, it is extra special when he can play with kids younger than him. He gets to "be in charge." 

Tonight was a fun volleyball night. We had a bye for the regular league. So some of my teammates met at another gym to play. We played two on three for an hour and half. Great exercise! Lots of fun!

Next week we have a final Spring session game inside. Then the following week, we start sand. Now that is when the real work outs begin. Yikes!


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