I listened today.
To that still small voice.
Then I sent my dad on a random act of kindness errand.
On my way from church to my parents house, I heard that silent voice. It said to take a different route. It was a route that I "never" take. 
But for once, I listened.
It was on that road that I drove past  my dad's opportunity to complete his random act of kindness. A man was hauling a mower on a trailer and the axle on the trailer broke. He was trying to fix it himself.
I drove past. Stopped. Then backed up.
I asked if he could use an extra hand. He declined. Even after I explained to him that I would send my dad back, he still declined.
I ignored him. I sent my dad back.
This poor man lived about 30 minutes away. He had already made one trip back to his house to get parts to try to fix it and to load the mower into the back of the truck.
He was still in need of a stronger tie strap. Thankfully, my dad had one in his truck. They got it "fixed" enough to get the guy home. 
No official photos, but still a great random act of kindness.


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