Part 2

It did end up being a late night. I'm so glad I didn't promise to finish this last night. It would have ended up being early this AM, anyway.

So where were we?

Oh yes. We learned about finding the light in a house. So we were ready to go on an adventure. I love a good adventure.
Miz Booshay took us to a refurbished train depot. They have a bike rental business in the depot and then several train cars parked on the tracks. The thing that helps make this a great lighting location is the long pavilion that covers the sidewalk all along the train cars. Add the interesting textures of the cars and bricks and you have a great photo shot location.

I know I showed you this next one the other day, but it goes right along with what I'm trying to describe. 
The lighting is great. No shadows, but not so bright that you have to squint. The background is interesting but doesn't take your eye away from the main subject.
Throughout the workshop, we would work in two smaller groups. Here is the other group working with Emma.

From there we headed further downtown to the Capital building. Miz Booshay gave us wonderful advice about working with your subjects.

Ask them to run, jump, do something interesting.

Have them lay down and stand above them at their head. You can always rotate the picture 180 degrees in editing. By standing at their head, it makes them open their eyes more.

 Look for interesting/unusual ways to get a creative picture.
I love that we all have our cameras up to our face :).

Here are the wonderful ladies that I enjoyed the class with.

(Miz Booshay is the one on the right.)

And the final photo of the day...
Photo taken by Miz Booshay.

It was a complete pleasure to learn and laugh together. Thank you to Miz Booshay, Katie and Emma for their wonderful hospitality and sharing. 
Thank you to Carrie, Bonnie, Nancy, Anna and Deb for welcoming me into their group of coolness!

Happy Memorial Day!


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