Happy Father's Day

I had a couple of other blog posts planned out in my head, but then I remembered today is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to my dad!
Back in April I did a little feature on my mom and posted 10 random facts about her. I'm going to test my creativity and see if I can do the same thing for dad. (It's harder than it looks. You should try it.)

1. He was in Iran and Iraq in the army.
2. He has been engaged twice and married once.
3. He was born prematurely.
4. He worked very very hard in a blue collar job for 35 years to support his family.
5. He sacrificed a lot while his kids were growing up so that he could pay for all of our college educations. He (and mom) gave us the wonderful gift of graduating debt free and they did it debt free also.

6. Up until a year ago, he farmed 20 acres. He called it his expensive hobby. For about 30 years of farming, he used an old two head Oliver combine. He would spend weeks repairing it every fall and then usually harvested in a night or two, after work.
7. Someday he is going to build me a sand volleyball court at their house.

8. He build their house. It was a "group" project that took ..... hmm how long did it take?.... I'm going to guess 25 years. My mom may correct me on this one.
9. He gave up drinking soda in a effort to start feeling better. Right dad? You gave it up, didn't you?
10. He loves to go target shooting with his friends.

And I want to give a shout out to another great father I know, my BIL.
Mr. Banker.

Our family birthday party is always together.

When we get together at my parents, he has to suffer through allergies. He's allergic to cats. And I don't hear him complain.
He played football in college.
He also wrestled in high school.
He loves to golf and watch cars race around in circles and go hunting.
He planned out a really cool marriage proposal to my sister. She was working at a radio station at the time and he surprised her at the studio while she was on the air. They have a recording of it.
He does not like beets. I think that is about the only thing he does not like to eat. 
Happy Father's Day!!!


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