Prayer cups

One of the favorite parts of my job is to work with my group of high schoolers called Federation. I have so many wonderful memories of my Federation members. We have gone on a lot of adventures together and created a lot of great memories.

We have also created a lot of interesting traditions.
Roll call question - The Vice President comes up with a question that everyone answers for roll call.
Tell Me A Story - This is a great tradition for our many road trips. Someone picks a topic and everyone in the car has to tell a story about that topic.
Speaking of... - This is a spin off of Tell Me a Story. The next person has to pick something out of the previous story as a topic for their story.
The Book - This is a Federation journal that gets written in anytime there is a funny or interesting happens. Some of the things written in there are quotes from Federation members or facts about a meeting or event. I love to see them go back through the book and remember when...or ask about something they missed.
Federation Cups - This is what I really wanted to tell you about. This is a unique tradition that I started about 10 years ago.
The picture on the right is the first time we ever had assigned cups. It was a weekend trip to a lake house. Rather than going thru a zillion paper cups, I took a bunch of random cups from my cupboard. Everyone had a different one and it was theirs for the weekend.

And that started the tradition. Every time those Federation members were at my house, they still wanted to use "their" cup. So we started writing it down. The lists below those two pictures are the written notes with their names and then a description of their cup.

Eventually I started a new tradition of taking their picture with their cup.
It is fun to look through all of the photos. It is also easier this way when a Federation member comes to my house for the first time and has to pick out their own cup. They can see which ones are already taken. 

When my family and friends come over, I explain the tradition to them and tell them whose cup they are using. I ask them to pray for that person.

My nieces and nephew have their favorite cups they like to use each time they visit.
J picks Chrissy's Clover glass.
C especially likes Katharine's star glass.
Little J would like to use Steph's sheep glass or Sam's Muppets glass or Katie's Snoopy glass. But he usually gets to pick between Grant's green plastic cup or Ashley's plastic cup.

The hard part about this tradition is when I accidently break someone's glass. They happened yesterday to Max's glass. I think I have another one just like his in storage. But usually they have to pick out another one. 

Since the tradition has been going on for many years. There are many Federation members who are now alumni. I've often wondered if I should give them their glasses and ask them to reverse the praying tradition. They can pray for me when they use their own Federation cup. I haven't done that yet. It may have to be the next phase of the tradition, because my cupboard is very full.

Happy Thursday


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