Reading & Sleeping

In the Company of Others by Jan Karon is the second book in the Father Tim series. 
Jan is also the author of the Mitford series books. I have read all of them and I own all of them. And now thanks to my CFA, I also own both of the Father Tim books. She found the second book for me at a rummage sale for 50 cents. 

A great book for a great buy! That's a Win Win.

I'm about half way through the second book now. They are wonderful stories. If you are looking for a happy book with lots of thought provoking stories, I highly recommend any of Jan Karon's books.


My international J friend sent me an email yesterday proclaiming super news from her house. For the first time in 3 1/2 years, all three of her kids slept the entire night through. And so did she!

Even though they have grown tons since my last visit, I am sure they are still just as cute. And I hope sleeping well for a second and third and fourth night in a row.


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