Tis the season

The 4-H Show season has officially begun.
School is out.
My summer assistant K has started. (She also happens to be my cousin/friend/4-H alumni. I think I'll start referring to her as my CFA.)
And my random, vague, one sided conversations have begun.

It is during the time of year that I typically have 3 to 5 things going at once. It tends to make my mind spin in circles.

I made a spontaneous purchase yesterday.
On my way back to work from lunch, I drove by the furniture second hand store and saw this beautiful mirror in the window. I quickly pulled over, jumped out and ran in to check the price. I completely expected it to be in the triple digits and was pleasantly surprised to find it in the double digits.

So I bought it.

I don't really have a spot for it. I wasn't even sure if I would hang it here or at my parent's house. But I do have a long term goal for it. And I couldn't pass it up.

It took three of us to load it in the car and it stayed in my car overnight because I had no idea how I was going to get it in to my house.

Tonight I made some phone calls and recruited my friends - insurance boy (IB) and my CFA. Between the three of us we got it unloaded and laying flat on my floor. I need to redo the hanging wire and then recruit help again - to either hang it or load it back up.

I wish I had taken a picture of my CFA and IB caring it in. It struck me as funny that it is my mirror. My spontaneous, un-thoughtout purchase and I had them doing the majority of the work. I just helped get it out of the car and then passed it off to the two of them. I did open the door for them, but they did the heavy lifting. I'm very good at coordinating. Recruit the help, plan out the process and then stand back and direct.

When I get it hung, I'll show you a picture of it.

After the mirror was transferred and IB loaded my container of gutter debris in his truck, my CFA and I headed out on a bike ride/adventure. We are working on creating a Home Town bucket list. We have a list of businesses, buildings, locations that we have never been inside/to. We are currently in the brainstorming process right now. Next we will prioritize them and maybe take some off the list.

Some are as easy/basic as the NAPA store or the Uhaul rental office.

Others may be a bit more challenging, like visiting strangers homes or old buildings that are not really open to the public.

One of the last ones we added to the list made us laugh. Let's see if I can retell the story and it still make sense.

Scene - my CFA and I biking down Main Street with the Central Park with the large gazebo straight ahead. The continuing conversation is adding places to our Bucket List.

me - "I have never danced in Central Park Gazebo while singing I am 16 going on 17."

my CFA - "We could totally do that tonight as long as no one else is around. and we would really have to make sure no one is around."

me - "It would be better if..."

my CFA jumps in to say - "If I was wearing a skirt."

me - "I was thinking more like if our significant others....I mean if we had significant others to dance and sing with."

So in faith we added Dance and Sing in the Gazebo with our Significant Others. Only by the grace of God will we be able to check that one off the list by the end of summer. We are excited to see how God sends us Significant Others (with a sense of adventure) within the next two months. All things are possible...


When I moved into this rental house, I brought along some of the plants/flowers from my previous rental house. The peonies are just one or two branches growing. So before the bunnies ate all of the blooms, I cut one (the only one not already eaten) and put it in a bud vase. I wasn't sure if it would finish blooming inside or not.

This is what it started out like...

And this is what it looks like now!!!


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