Around the World for Free

I've been know to watch NCIS every once in awhile. Sometimes I watch it on DVD. Once in a great while I watch is on regular TV. When I miss it there, I watch it online.

While watching it online this summer, I discovered a fun little web original called Around the World for Free. It is on

Pavarti started her journey in Los Angeles. She is carrying a big backpack and traveling with a mysterious camera person. I have no idea who she is traveling with. I just know someone is taping her.

She is using twitter, facebook and online chats to make connections with people around the world. Most of the time people will pay for her bus or plane ticket. Or they come and pick her up. And they either invite her into their homes or find a friend or family member for her to stay with.

She had made arrangements to connect with someone in Argentina, but when she got there she discovered that he had to leave town on a business meeting and he had gotten her a very nice hotel room for the night. So far that has been her only hotel stay.

She has been on the road for about 50 days.  From LA she has traveled south. I can't begin to tell you all of the places she has been.

The whole trip just amazes me. I am very impressed with her ability to connect with so many different people.

The clips are usually 15 to 20 minutes. If you're bored and have a good internet connection, check it out. Then let me know if you think you could ever do something like this.


  1. "I've been known to watch NCIS every once in awhile."


    How about "I have been known to create fellow NCIS adicts with little effort."

  2. Rule #5.
    Don't waste good! and it's good.....or something like that. :)


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