Big happenings today...

...but no photos.

I met Congressman Aaron Schock.
He held a town hall meeting at my office building this morning. They planned for 60 people and ended up with over 130. There wasn't room for me to actually go in and sit. That's how I actually got to meet him. I was standing out in the hall before it began. When he came in, he shook my hand (and a few other people's), thanked us for hosting the event and went on his way. 

In reality, it isn't really a big deal. But when he becomes President I can say I met him once.

Second big thing....
I helped Mrs. Buck with a project. She is 80 years old and one of my role models. She is super spunky and I think she is so cool. She takes computer classes, is a huge Illini fan and always wears a smile. 

She asked me if I had any stencils. Yikes! Stencils, I don't think I have used stencils in 20 years or so. 

She needed to make signs for a parade float for her church. She was going to hand draw two huge signs. Instead made them on the computer while she shared stories. Loved it!

Another thing I like about Mrs. Buck....she stands about 4'6". I wish I had a picture of her. She reminds me of my dear friend Mrs. St John.

Third big thing....
My big burly, big talkin', man's man, shotgun instructor got teary eyed when he had to tell me goodbye after our meeting tonight. I could tell he wanted to give me a hug, but wasn't quite sure about that. So one of my Air Rifle instructors gave me a hug instead. 

I'm going to miss those guys!

Fourth big thing...
I got "invited" to attend a professional photography workshop that is being held at the photography studio in my little town. It's big happenings for our little town.

The photography studio is only three blocks from my office. 
I pop in every once in a while to check out the new photos or whatever he's fixed up/changed in his studio. 

About four years ago, a few of us from the office popped into the studio on our way up to the coffee shop. When we mentioned our final destination to Bobby (the photographer) he joked that we could bring him a strawberry banana smoothy. Well, we did. He was pleasantly surprised.

Since then, he has tried to convince me that he was going to repay the favor and bring one to me at work. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I added the pressure on to him and broke the news that he only had til the end of the month to repay the favor :).

When I stopped in the studio today, I asked if I could trade in my fruit smoothy favor. When I was at the State Fair last week, one of the photography judges mentioned to me that he would be in my little town for a photography workshop, being hosted by Bobby. :) I took advantage of this inside information and used four years of "favor interest" and asked Bobby if I trade my fruit smoothy for an invite to the workshop. I actually offered be the food server/slave for the day - if that is what it would take. But he happily invited me with no (maybe a little) work attached.

He said I could come and I didn't have to serve any food. First he joked that I had to come set up chairs and then he changed it to say I had to tell people I was his new wife. Ha!

So next week, when I should really be at the office getting tons of work done, I'm going to a photography workshop....three (or is it four) blocks from the office! That's really big!


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