Birthdays and photo lessons

Way back in February, I took a group of 4-Hers to paint pottery at an art studio in Princeton. The owner of the studio sells art pieces on consignment. One of her artist's is TooShai Studios. She also sells her art here
My dear "baby" cousin E is studying and preparing to become and Ag Teacher and FFA advisor. So when I saw this owl painting, I knew it would be a perfect birthday gift for her. So I have been saving it for months and months. It has been very hard for me to wait until her birthday to surprise her with it. I didn't quite make it until her birthday. I gave it to her a week early when she was home from college.
And I was right, she loved it!!! Her and her college roommate are decorating their new rental house with a bird theme.Who knew!?!

Is it common knowledge that the FFA world has symbols for each officer position? And that the FFA Advisor position is represented by the Owl?

If not, you can store that knowledge away for your next trivia night :).

The night of the spontaneous birthday party, my CFA (who also happens to be baby E's sister) had us over for dinner. For dessert she pulled out homemade fruit smoothies from the freezer. Originally, they were in paper cups, but she jazzed them up a bit for us.
 Doesn't it look nice? The one above is my CFA's. She was waiting patiently for it to soften up a bit so she could eat it properly.
 I on the other hand was not patient at all. I was hacking away at it with a fork and knife. I was also making a mess.
Baby E, was spinning her's around in a circle.
It was all good!

On her real birthday, we grabbed her other sister and friend and spent a relaxing morning tubing on the river.

Then went downtown for dinner.
Happy 21st Birthday baby cousin E!!!

Oh I almost forgot. The photo lesson. 
When I give my camera to 4-Hers to take photos at events these are the rules...
  • Put the strap around your neck or your wrist at all times.
  • I like close up photos with smiling faces - preferably people not animals.
  • If you can get a 4-H clover in the photos that is perfect.
This is an example of a great photo ;) my world anyway.

You will want to come back soon....the next birthday blog post is about a chicken.


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