one hundred and fifty

I am estimating that I have attended 150 M-P Federation meetings. That does not include the special events and committee meetings. I would guess that it would be at least double that number if I included everything.

Tonight was my last M-P Federation meeting. :(

It was a great meeting. First we divided into teams and then I sent them on an adventure around town. Their challenge was to go find 8 letters that were marked with a 4-H clover sticker. Each team was given a map of the town with the small area marked, where they could find the letters. 

I thought we had hid them pretty well, but the first team was back in about 15 minutes. 

Once they found the letters, they had to unscramble them to discover the name of the new Federation leader. I think everyone had fun. What's not fun about randomly walking around town on a school night with a group of friends?

Once we got to the business meeting part of the night I got to enjoy listening to a super roll call question. Austin proposed that tonight's question be "Tell us a memory you have of Anita."

Oh my, some of the memories were embarrassing moments for me. Others were super fun events we've shared together. Some were events that they loved and I didn't love so much. All of them made me smile. Great memories!!!

We ended the meeting with the thing that I will be most remembered for. Taking pictures!!!

I got a few hugs afterwards! A small group of them hung around and chatted while I washed dishes and chimed into the conversation every once in awhile. I was able to recruit them to go back around town and take down the clover stickers for me.

Three of them surprised me and came back to the office afterwards. We sat and chatted for about an hour. That is always a huge blessing to me to kick back and chat about life with my "kids." 

There were a couple of times I fought back the tears, but it wasn't until just now when I couldn't hold them back any longer. I'm going to miss Federation so much!


Even though I love all of my 4-Hers, there are some that I know I will always stay in touch with. Noah and his grandmother are two of them.

In 2007, we had this photo taken together during the 4-H Show.
Tonight, we took this one.
Just in case you are wondering, Noah grew and I did not :).

Good memories!


  1. great post. Wish I could have been a mouse in there to hear the stories about you. :) How is house hunting going?


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