Backing up the holidays

You know how Christmas decorations come out in the stores before Halloween. Well, today the Halloween stories come out on the blog during the Christmas season.

I went to my very first Halloween party this fall. Well, that's nots quite right. In grade school I went to class room Halloween parties. But this was my first grown up Halloween party. 

Halloween is not a favorite holiday of mine. So I never felt deprived of Halloween festivities. 

But I was thankful for the party invite this year. 
As you can tell from this photo, it was not your typical Halloween party. 

This cute couple were our hosts. Mr. S is a girl cow and Mrs. S is a cow girl. Aren't they so cute!?! I have been to a few gatherings with them and they definitely have the gift of hospitality. 

There were a lot of super cute costumes, but I was too busy chatting with my M-P friends that I failed to get many photos of them. 

Mrs. S is hosting another fun party tonight. I wasn't able to make it but I was intrigued by the invite. The party is called A Few of my Favorite Things. The directions were to bring 5 identical items of one of your favorite things. Mrs. S and another of her friends were hosting the party together. I have a feeling they invited a variety of people that may not all know each other. 

The 5 gifts that you brought would get distributed to 5 other guests. And of course, you would get 5 brand new gifts. 

Knowing Mrs. S, she probably had a few additional special touches to the party. 

The gifts were to be under $5. That puts a bit of a challenge in my favorite items ideas. A volleyball, a camera, NCIS dvd....Oh I know, I could have taken a bag of Happy Pills (York Peppermint Patties) or a box of English Breakfast tea or sprouted almonds. Those would have worked.

What would you have taken to the party?

This weekend I'll try to get up to speed on my holidays. I'll take a picture of my brother's Christmas decorations. I think you'll be impressed - wink wink.

Happy Friday


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