Beef animals remind me of you

There are not many people in this world who have friends who would not be offended when they hear...

"I saw these and thought of you."

But I'm pretty sure that my friend C would understand.
Now, just give me a minute to explain.

First, I have to ask C a question. Are these Charolais (I had to look up that spelling)? And what color are they?

My story begins when C was 4 years old. That is when we first met. She followed me around the fairgrounds for 3 days during the 4-H Show. She told me stories that were priceless. Most of them were from her imagination and I thought they were for real. One of her stories included details about her dairy cow that she was raising. She told me about the ear tag numbers, milking and feeding it and how her grandpa helps her with it. 

Even though her dairy cow story was all her own, C has been around cattle since she was a little girl. Her family raises beef cattle - not dairy. 

C's first year in 4-H (is that right, 1st or 2nd year) C showed a Charolais steer and won Reserve Grand Champion. She beat her older brothers with her pretty blond steer. C has explained to me that usually the judges prefer the black steers. 

So the other day, when I saw this herd on my way to work, I had to turn around to take a picture. Just so I could post this and say....
C, I was thinking about you! Miss you tons! Hope you are doing well and we'll get to hang out soon.


  1. I miss you lots! You remembered everything correctly! I can't believe you turned around just to get a picture of cattle for me! Can't wait to see you again. Can you make that a book for me? Please? Talk to you and hopefully see you soon! Love Caroline

    P.S. i am at home not feeling well today.:(


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