Christmas Decorations

Nice and simple this year.

My brother even helps plug and unplug it. It surprised me that he even noticed it. It sits in the front window for all to enjoy.

The Judds brings back memories of eating lunch at my grandparent's house all during my high school years. They lived across the street from the high school and I walked over every day for lunch.


Love, love, love this blog

I have a copy of her book. But it's packed away, right along with my Christmas decorations.

Other things I wish I had not packed in the garage....

Cast iron skillet
sewing tools and thread
Shoe polish and leather lotion

That's it. Or at least what comes to mind tonight. Not too bad. However, I did go on a scavenger hunt last week to find some things that I had to have. I found most of what I was looking for. And one box of cleaning supplies that I wasn't looking for, but glad I found.


I thankful that my mail is getting forwarded still. I love getting the Christmas cards in the mail and email.

I've decided not to send Christmas cards out this year. Hopefully, I'll be able to send an official change of address letter out sometime in early 2012, instead. Plus, I still need to write and send about half of my Thank You notes from my going away party. I will get those done while I'm on break. I will! I will! I will! Someone keep me accountable!

Excited that my office Christmas lunch is at Jonah's! I rarely get to go out to a nice restaurant, so it makes me extra happy when I do. What should I wear? :)

Happy Wednesday


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