Happy Commute

One of the big changes in my life has been the length of time it takes me to drive to work. I went from 4 minutes to 50 minutes. Driving is not one of my favorite things to do (unless it is a road trip with my friends). 

Speaking of road trip with my friends, one of my road trip groupies gave me a gift card to CBD. I've been saving it for the perfect item. Well I finally figured it out.

An audio drama of my favorite book series. Now I literally smile and laugh out loud on my commute. I can't wait to get on the road, so I can listen to more.

I also got Narnia
At my rate, I'll be through my 14 hours of Mitford by next week and on to this one.

After that, I better check out the library and see what I can borrow from them.

P Family ~ Thanks so much for the gift card. Just like you, these CDs make me smile :). I miss you tons and look forward to our next adventure together.


  1. Hey - I have a bunch of audio books you can borrow! Remind me to give them to you sometime. :)


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