Christmas break adventures

"The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things."

Thursday was a lovely day in our neck of the woods. The sunshine was just calling us to come out and play. 

It was the perfect day for an adventure.

Treasure Hunt
Big sisters hid the treasure chest.
Little J and I went on a hunt. 
We shared our treasure with everyone.

Then we went farther out on our adventure. New places to explore. No weeds or poison ivy inhibiting our paths.

At the beginning we followed the paths that the deer make thru the timber. 
We climbed trees and hills.
We moved branches and built bridges.

 We jumped streams.
 We broke the bridge that we built.

 Or should I say, I broke the bridge we built.

 So we changed our bridge design.

 And moved rocks instead.

 Added a huge hand rail.
 And finished our bridge to perfection.

 Then we moved on to expanding our "hideout."
We trimmed some branches to make our paths clear.
And discovered that our "hideout" has a beach and lake.

 So we spent a few minutes relaxing by the lake, sun bathing.

 And what hideout is complete without it's own bathroom.

And thankfully, this bathroom is only for the imagination.

This makes me think back to my grade school days. I remember many times going back to school after a long break and the first thing we had to do was write "What did you do during summer vacation/Christmas break/your weekend/etc.?"

If my nieces and nephew had that same assignment, I wonder what their teacher would think of the stories they would tell about their new Lakeside Hideout, as they decided to call it.

It makes me smile just thinking about it. :)


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