Party banners new home

After the party, the girls asked if they could keep the party banners up.
Well since daddy is over 6' tall, we didn't think he would enjoy the constant ducking.
So we found a better home for the banners that we think might let them stay up a lot longer.

 Now they are decorating the upstairs landing/play area.

Funny little insight about this last picture....

That night when the kids went to bed, I heard J yelling for me to come to her room. She was laying in bed, looking out her door with direct line of sight to that deer head.

"Aunt A, we have a problem. We are going to have to move one of the banners."

"What? Why?"

"I like to look at that deer's head. It helps me go to sleep. And one of the triangles is blocking my view."

Some kids are comforted with blankets or teddy bears or dolls. My niece feels right at home with a mounted deer head. What can I say?


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