Happy Birthday dear friend

Dear Friend,
It will be a day late, maybe two days, before you read this. As the time ticks away, it may even be a day late by the time this is actually posted. It all depends on how long I spend looking thru old photos. :)
This one is not old. This one is hot off the presses from last weekend. 
Readers - please notice the beautiful tissue paper flowers behind me. They were made special by a new up and coming artist. She's 5 1/2, so it might be awhile before you see her face on a billboard. But the talent is there.

I believe in angels,
The kind that heaven sends,
I am surrounded by angels,
But I call them friends.

- Aizabel Parinas -
During our young and carefree days, it was so easy to get together and hang out. Today, even though it takes a little bit more planning, it is just as fun!

Friends will come and friends will go,
The seasons change and it will show,

I will age and so will you,
But our friendship stays, 
strong and true.
- Author Unknown -

When you ask God for a gift,
Be thankful if he sends,
Not diamonds, pearls, or riches,
but the love of real true friends.
- Helen Steiner Rice -

There is a miracle called Friendship
that dwells within the heart

and you don't know how it happens
or when it even starts.
But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift
and you realize that Friendship
is God's most precious gift.
- Jean Kyler McManus -


  1. Thanks, Anita. What great memories! I look forward to at least 40 more with you and the girls:)


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