Sissy's Vacation

Dear blog world,
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sissy. A year ago I moved to a nice big house where 2 people live. They are usually around the house quite a bit to pet me and sweep up my long hair that I like to leave on the floor and furniture for them.
It is a nice quiet place to live. Every once in awhile three little kids show up and then things get a little more crazy. I can play with them for a little while before my patience runs out and I have to go find a quiet place to hide. 
Things do get a little bit hectic when this dog shows up at their house. He is so much bigger than me, I don't really know what to do. 
I think it was those three kids who picked out my name. A my other house it was Henrietta. I'm not sure which name I like better - or worse.

Well that is enough of that. I took over this blog today to tell you about my vacation. The two people that live here went away for awhile so I had a nice time without them.

I started out my vacation at this new little place that just opened up. It is called The Laundry Basket. It has a nice fresh and airy atmosphere. The modern decor is just faboulous. Very geometrical designs. I was so glad that The Laundry Basket could fit me right in. Since it wasn't busy I could spread out and come and go as I please. I give it a 5 star rating.

I love a good adventure, so several days I took advantage of the roof top activities. If you have never climbed on top of a roof, then I highly recommend it. It is a great challenge for individuals or for groups. 

I just had to spend some time at the spa. My coat needed some deep conditioning. I had to skip the massage portion because I am so picky about who touches me. However, I did let the lady style my hair.

It was perfect timing because I had a surprise visit from my boyfriend. I could hear him outside and I could see him through the window, but no one would let me out. No matter how much I yelled and hissed, I could not get anyone to open the door for me. I just don't understand why.
Either way, it was nice to see Sunshine. (Shh...don't tell, but we met up one night when I got outside. Someone at the house kept calling for me, but I waited until bed time before I came back.)

The accommodations were spectacular. I had a choice of this cozy little bed or I could share a big bed with the maid servant. I enjoyed having options. 

The two people who live here came home safe and sound and life is back to normal. Actually, it's not much different than vacation. I love my life!

Paws and Purrs


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