38 things


    38 things I have done
  1. witnessed the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace
  2. been on a crazy cab ride in Paris
  3. walked across the Brooklyn bridge in NYC
  4. walked across the Murray Baker bridge in Peoria (Interstate 74)
  5. flown in bi-plane
  6. done a barrel roll in a plane
  7. steared a plane
  8. changed my own car oil
  9. driven a boat
  10. climbed to top of the tower at Koln Cathedral
  11. been inside castles in Germany and France
  12. been to the Louvre in Paris
  13. seen an original Claude Monet, the Mona Lisa and a VanGogh
  14. stood on the Continental divide
  15. been to Mount Rushmore
  16. climbed up a waterfall
  17. cut someone else’s hair
  18. photographed a wedding
  19. been to both East Coast and West Coast (Atlantic & Pacific oceans)
  20. relaxed on a beach
  21. seen dolphins in the ocean
  22. petted a stingray at Sea World
  23. driven a car at 100 miles per hour
  24. been on an island (actually I’ve been on 2 different islands)
  25. have picked a lemon fresh from the tree
  26. seen the white cliffs of Dover from a ferry boat
  27. driven stick shift
  28. published 14 books - they were just 4-H show books and the WCHS alumni book, but I'm still counting them :)
  29. designed and made a dress
  30. made a tailored jacket
  31. seen the Liberty Bell
  32. been to a third world country
  33. taught a class
  34. had a MRI
  35. been to Space Camp
  36. won a prize from Pioneer Woman – Kitchen Aid mixer
  37. started a blog
  38. shook the hand of Aaron Schock (just in case he becomes President some day)

What have you done?


  1. And had 38 years of Life! Happy 38th Birthday, Anita!!
    Jill and Karissa:)

  2. I just pretended that each of these things was something you did in that year of life...I would have been pretty impressed by you at 7, 8 and 9 years old! Happy Birthday!


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