I had to start a bunch of blog posts and just save them as drafts.
The ideas are bouncing around in my head, but the challenge is getting the words to fall into place.
I decided to just get them started with a title and some photos.
You'll know if my plan worked or not when you see the posts. :)

Do you know how many friends I have whose names start with J? I was going to write a few quick stories about this past weekend and realized that it would add two more NEW J names to this blog. I may have to come up with some cool nick names for everyone :).  There are currently 7 blog characters who have been introduced with a J name. I must come up with plan B. For now, I'm just going to leave that part of the story out.

This past weekend I got to hang out with several of my dear friends from Henry.

I took this young lady out for pizza at the happenin' place in Lacon....maybe all of Marshall county. Pizza Peel
Several weeks ago, we set a date to hang out. So I knew that I needed/wanted to save my gluten intake for that night. The pizza is soooooo good. It is totally worth the pain. But you won't have pain when you eat it. It will be pure joy. You should go there for lunch or dinner as soon as possible. :) I recommend the calzone with chicken, onion, garlic and green peppers. 

From there we headed back to her house to hang out with her brothers and parents, but I needed to make a quick stop first to settle my Egg debt with Insurance Boy (IB). We ended up staying there catching up with him for a little while. The stories from that portion of the night are just too hard to explain - asparagus, hanging pictures, butt prints in the furniture and a TV that turns its self off. You just never know where the conversation is going to go with IB.

When we finally made it back to her house, brother #4 and dad were in bed. Brothers #1 and #2 were hanging out with some of their Livestock Judging buddies in the front room. So we got to sit and catch up with her mom til after midnight. Her mom is one of my roadtrip buddies. The photo above is from our 2012 trip. (For this year's trip, we are heading north :)

Are you still with me??? I'm getting a little long winded here.
At midnightish, I left and head to my CFA's apartment to spend the night with her. Both of us had some prep work to do for programs we had that weekend, so we worked and caught up with each other until 2 a.m.


But it was totally worth it. 

Saturday I got to have tea with my Character Counts! friend. She got me caught up on all of the Henry happenings. They are talking about spending $8 million (is that right?) on building a new gym at the high school and possibly one at the grade school and an indoor pool. Oh my!

The rest of my weekend was filled with 4-H programs and church. Both very exciting topics, but I'll save them for future posts.

Oh one more interesting tid bit. Those livestock judging buddies I mentioned a few paragraphs ago. They just happen to be some of my new 4-Hers. My new 4-Hers are friends with my old 4-Hers. Small world.

I'll try to make the next post a little bit more interesting. No promises, but I'll try.

Happy Wednesday


  1. J#? may have told you that one of your old 4H-ers, MB, was just told she's in final 10 for a state FFA office. Very exciting!


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