Eggs and Easter

It's almost midnight on Easter eve. I should be sleeping but I wanted to write a quick note.

Eggs and Easter
How did eggs become connected to Easter?
How did a bunny hiding eggs ever become a symbol of Easter?
How did chocolate eggs inside plastic eggs laying on top of fake green grass ever become a symbol of Easter?

A thorn of crowns.
A whip.
A traitor.
A torn cloak.
An empty cross.
An empty tomb.
A gift of salvation, forgiveness and eternal life.
Those are the real symbols of Easter.

You can download this pdf and use it for your Easter celebration.


Even though eggs don't really have anything to do with Easter, I'm going to share a photo story of eggs, incubators and my lessons on embryology.

For the end of this story, click over to the Baurer Blog

I hatched 24 chicks in my office. The teachers in the program hatches another 75. And we sent them all to wonderful homes :).

Another round of incubation starts next week. Need any chicks?


Have a wonderful Easter basking in the truth of the celebration!
He is Risen.


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