Favorite Easter Photos

 Look at those freckles! Between his sweet personality, long eye lashes and those freckles, I think he is going to have lots more than his aunt wrapped around his finger.

We tried to get a "nice" photo in their Easter clothes. This one fits their personalities so much better than the "nice" one. Plus they actually look like they enjoy having their picture taken.
 The new baby bunnies were a special attraction at our family gathering. You might think that the bunnies were for one of the little ones. But you would be wrong.
They are actually my Uncle's. He named them Häschen and Fras.
OK - I've just spent the last 15 minutes trying to figure out the correct spelling. He said it was suppose to be German for rabbit/bunny. But I can't find anything that resembles Fras. International J, can you fill me in on this? Aunt B, can you correct the story?

So back to the story. Uncle S spent the last 15ish years helping his girls raise and care for their 4-H rabbits. Even though his girls are growing up and almost all moved out of the house, he wanted to continue his rabbit caring duties. So when the girls' last rabbit died, he mentioned that he kinda missed them - the rabbits, not the girls. (He really misses his girls!)
So my aunt bought him two new baby bunnies. They are super cute!
My grandmother eats lots of her meals at a little family restaurant in her home town. She had them make this fancy cake for her to bring to the family gathering. It was one of 10 desserts we had.
One of which was Gluten free - thanks mom!
Little J had fun playing with his bubbles. When I took this photo I was suppose to be playing with him, by chasing and popping the bubbles. Eventually, I got smart and switched places with him. Blowing is much easier than popping.
Later in the afternoon he recruited my Aunt (his Great Aunt) if she would come play with him - chase and pop the bubbles. I love that he didn't think twice about her age. She was smarter than I was and immediately switched places with him :).

This crazy crew is always cracking me up. Can you see what they are using for sun reflectors? See the box on the table.
The front porch was way too windy. So the back deck was the "hot" spot for the afternoon. But after so  long the house starts blocking the sun. They kept moving back to stay in the sun as long as possible. I'm not sure when the redneck reflectors came out. We found them that way when we came out to start hiding Easter eggs/prizes.

This "monument" stands in their front yard. I've added this photo to my "waiting for the perfect quote" collection.


  1. I'm sad that I missed our Easter gathering, this one seemed particularly entertaining. :)


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