Harvest Cafe

A few weeks ago, these beautiful ladies came down to my neck of the woods to meet me for lunch at the Harvest Cafe. 

Harvest Cafe is a farm to table restaurant. They proudly feature fresh produce from farmers throughout central IL. Their menu includes a list of farmers and their locations.

  1. Meadow Haven Farms, Sheffield, IL
  2. Dillon Farms, Dillon, IL
  3. Prairie Pure, Belvedere, IL
  4. Hartz Produce, Wyoming, IL
  5. 5 Point Chicken Farms, San Jose, IL
  6. Jenkins Farms, Low Point, IL
  7. Prairie Fruit Farms, Champaign, IL
  8. Crave Brothers Farmstead, Waterloo, WI
  9. Hintz Family, Delavan, IL
  10. PB&J Produce, Delavan, IL

Sorry I don't have any photos of our delicious food. I was too busy catching up with everyone. It had been awhile since I chatted with them.

But I had the Fish and Chips. Fresh Alaskan cod and hand cut fries. The tartar sauce was homemade and oh so good. I think it had fresh dill in it. 

My CFA had a great cup of coffee. They get their coffee from Thirty-Thirty Coffee in downtown Peoria. https://www.facebook.com/3030coffee
I'm not a coffee connoisseur but the sip I had tasted good. It sounds like the coffee shop not only has tasty coffee, it is also a cool place to hang out. I'll let you know if and when I go check it out.

If you would like to go enjoy a delicious meal at Harvest Cafe, give me a call. I would love to go with you!


I edited some photos this weekend. My baby cousin is dating a military man and they were all dressed up for a military ball. So they had her sister take some photos of them before they left. She got some great shots, but there was just some minor changes needed. So when I was hanging out with them this past week, I asked if I could use my magic wand, also known as Photoshop, on her favorite photo.


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