Office Redecorating

I've slowly been redecorating my new office and helping wait redecorating the main office space. When I first arrived, my little office was FULL of old furniture that reminded me of a college dorm. It has a mix of old furniture that filled it up. There was one little path that led to my desk chair. And even though there were two chairs for visitors, only one person could fit comfortably. And when anyone would sit in that chair, I had to move my chair over so I could see them around the computer monitor.

I kinda wish I had a picture to show you. But it was a little overwhelming so at the time, I wasn't thinking of blogging about it.

So as soon as I got the most critical work caught up, I started the redecorating process.

The hutch and two bookshelves got donated to Goodwill.

Then I switched the hard wooden chairs with some more comfortable chairs. 

The biggest part of the redecorating was fixing the many holes and painting.

Since there are no windows in the office, I wanted something bright and cheerful.

Before I started this project, I had gotten some mixed reviews on painting the 1974 paneling. I grew up with this exact paneling and two years ago, I helped my dad rip it out of their basement. I could not go back to having it in my office. I was either going to tear it out or paint it. 
I must say, painting it was much easier.
And it turned out beautiful.
My brother helped me put on the second coat.

It was painted Thanksgiving weekend.

It took another month to move to the next step of getting a new/different desk.
I found an L shaped desk at the surplus warehouse on campus. Even though it is old and nothing fancy,  I love having more desk top space than the metal rectangle one that was there before. I love to have my piles. :)

With a little Old English most of the scratches disappeared.

After a trip to Menards and a little construction work. These old handles got updated to 
these black ones. 
I donated the old ones to the Old House Society. 
 I also added a keyboard tray that replaced the pencil drawer. I wish I could have kept the pencil drawer, but my back said a huge Thank You when the keyboard tray finally arrived.

I believe it was February when I finally got the second book shelf moved in (stolen from the reception area) and my photos and bulletin board hung.

See those Incubators in the corner. They are only there March and April. 

I can't wait to show you the redecorated reception area. We are still looking for a few more items to finish it up, so it might be a little while. 

If you just can't wait to see it, you are always welcome to come see it in person. I love to have visitors.


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