Details and strange art

This photo was one of the many things hanging on the walls in the reception area of my new office. There were some things on the wall that were an easy decision to get rid of. This one was on the border.

It is in a nice frame and has some bright colors and interesting design. We knew that it did not go with the new paint colors, so we offered to anyone who wanted it in their own office. When no one jumped at that offer, we started placing it in people's office.

We started with my co-worker who was on maternity leave. After awhile, we felt bad about dumping it on her, since she wasn't there to say No.

Then it found it's way to my the boss' office. We thought maybe there was hope for it there, since he didn't have anything else on his walls and it matched the brown paint. It stayed in there for a few months. Until...

He "gave" it to me for my birthday. Ha!

I took it home and found a better use for it.

I took that photo on my last road trip to WI. I snuck this back into my boss' office and waited quietly to see how long it would take him (or anyone else) to notice. It only took a week and a half. Not too bad.

Now that he notices it, it seems to be growing on him. 

I keep telling him that I'm going to make his office look nice/professional whether he wants it to or not. 

Next week, I'm getting him a new desk. 


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