An open door & humilty

Tonight was the last night of the indoor volleyball session. Next week the sand volleyball session begins. Sadly, I will not be out on the court.

My little team of 4 for the sand league fell apart - all for the pursuit of a girl. Young S joined another team to try and impress a girl. Which meant that his Dad (our captain) did not want to play without S. The other female player was OK with not playing. Me, on the other hand is very sad.

But I'm trying to keep my eyes, ears and heart open looking for the other door of opportunity for the summer (other than work). 


Today, I had a man ask me if I was a Farm girl.

My response was that I grew up in the country on a small farm, but I wouldn't say I was really a Farm girl. Why do you ask?

You have really strong forearms, he replied.

Oh, that's from volleyball.


Year's ago, I had another man ask me if I rock climb. 

No, why do you ask?

Because you have really broad shoulders.


I'm pretty sure that I don't have any men following this blog, but ladies, please share this public service announcement with the men in your lives....

Strong forearms and broad shoulders are NOT compliments to women.


I think I need to go shopping for more long sleeve shirts.


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