Trader Joe's

Have you ever been to a Trader Joe's?

Please add it to your bucket list. For me.

My bucket list includes Visiting every Trader Joe's in the U.S. AND getting a T.J's in central IL.

Most of my T.J. visits are in WI.
And every time I go, I have a cart full and the cashier always makes a comment and I always say, I have to stock up since I'm from central IL.

One of the fun parts of T.J's is their flyer. It is not your typical grocery store ad. They have sarcastic cartoons and very creative descriptions of their sale items/specials.

You have to check out this month's cartoons here:

Here's a sample of their funny descriptions:

1000 Day Gouda

1000 Day GoudaIt’s Back!
If faced with the question, “What could you do in 1000 days?” how would you respond? Would you raise a couple of guide dog puppies? Would you immerse yourself in a foreign language so you could converse with an international crowd? Would you write the great American novel? Or would you make cheese?
Our Dutch artisans made cheese, Trader Joe’s 1000 Day Gouda to be specific. Most Gouda is young, but this cheese is quite mature. It’s crafted in the traditional manner, using fresh milk from the Dutch countryside. It is allowed to ripen on untreated wooden shelves, where it is hand turned by the cheese master to ensure even flavor and consistent texture throughout each wheel. At 1000 days, it becomes a full-flavored, somewhat crumbly cheese replete with fine crystals that give it a bit of crunch.
Back in November, this was our Spotlight Cheese, meant to come and go within weeks. And it did. But there was uproar when it was gone, so now you’ll find 1000 Day Gouda in our cheese section every day. Unless, that is, someone decides to buy it all at once. You know, so they’ll have enough for 1000 days…


  1. Anita,

    I think it's about time for another WI trader Joe trIp:) I've discovered a new eating venue for us too. It's called Yola's cafe. It serves a lot of gluten free things and of course organic/healthy too:)


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